Yi Fang: Authentic Taiwan Fruit Teas and More

Years ago, most of us, Filipinos, were not that exposed to quality-teas other than those that can be bought on a local grocery store. We are sure many of us can only classify just black and green tea, the strong one and the healthy one. That’s it! That’s how tea were circulating in our lives back then.

Not until lately – where tea shops blossomed all over, spreading like a plague, a beautiful plague that infected our taste buds, offered something new to our palates. Almost anyone can open a tea shop, just think of a word wherein you can add -Tea on it, viola! A tea shop is now in place, a fast-paced commercial drink stop everyone welcomed. However, some compromised quality, others compromised authenticity.

But here goes Yi Fang – Taiwan’s Best Fruit Tea, brought in the Philippines last year by a group of individuals who believed in the brand’s stability and authenticity. Yi Fang is a one true hit in its home country with its many branches all over, and is now conquering the world. They have one branch in the Philippines to date but they’re currently on the works for few more branches at San Juan and SM North Edsa.

Yi Fang source only the high-grade teas and the freshest ingredients from Taiwan. We love their concept of not deviating from their store look, google Yi Fang and you will discover the similar look of their stores at different locations. They have this signature black wall and open-window kitchen where anyone can take a peek of how the drink was made.

At first glance, Yi Fang looks like a small pop-up store for to-go drinks. We didn’t notice further that they also have a space to sit down and just enjoy your orders peacefully. Limited number of tables are available on the side of the store.

These are some of the many drinks Yi Fang has to offer. Some are smooth and no fuss, some has something in it – such as tapioca, fruits, seeds and jellies. Either way you want it, one can ask to adjust sweetness, toppings, sinkers, to anything you want your drink to be. Or if too empty to decide, ask their staffs as they are knowledgeable enough what works best.

Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea (P120) – This is their best-seller, a special blend of fruit and mountain tea, worthy of bearing the brand to its name. This drink has a generous amount of fresh apples, lemons and oranges. It also has a good number of passion fruit seeds (totally edible, btw!) for some extra munch. We learned that most customers did not like this part, and they opt to keep this out. But for us, it was a good addition as it adds flavor and crunch, and keeps out mouths busy.

Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte (P140) – A new product off-the-menu (yet), a.k.a. Yi Fang’s take on the usual Pearl Milk Tea, another best-seller. This drink does not dwell on the ordinary milk tea we normally have. The tapioca was cooked differently, resulting on a very heavy, thick syrup and the texture is astounding. Tea flavor is distinct and milk they used is not powdered. We have a new milk tea top choice now, and we’re sure it will stay on the top for a while.

Jinfeng Roselle Lemon Tea with Aiyu Jelly (P135) – Reminds us of Twinning’s Four Red Fruits Tea. It’s bursting with bold flavors, and the aroma is very enticing. Our first impression: “Can we just add alcohol in it?”. Lol. The blend is just perfect, even for cocktails. Haha. Btw, we got Aiyu Jelly in this drink too as an add-on. For everyone’s knowledge, Aiyu Jelly is gelatin made with fig, a fruit. It’s tasty and the flavor is all-natural.

Grass Jelly with Aiyu Jelly (P115) – A strange, smoky drink for us. We’re not aficionados of this drink so it tasted a bit bland among all the drinks we just had, but it’s not bad at all. We’ve tried Grass Jelly drinks sold in Korean grocery marts, this one’s definitely better.

Sugarcane Mountain Tea (P125) – Something new, something weird yet something pure and earthy. It’s like tasting nature at its finest state. We appreciate how this drink is still available in the market, as this is something our parents would brag that was really good during their time.

Yi Fang is conveniently located at Ayala Malls The 30th cinema level so for your next movie date, or just want to satisfy your next tea craving, grab a drink and enjoy a fresh new take on teas at Yi Fang.

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Yi Fang: Authentic Taiwan Fruit Teas and More

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