Wolfgang’s Steakhouse: Dry-Aged Glorious Steaks Introduced in the PH

?Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

?The Podium, Mandaluyong City


There’s no stopping Wolfgang’s Steakhouse now. We’re amazed how Peter Luger’s Head Waiter now conquers the world with his own chain of fancy steak houses. Acclaimed globally, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse opened their second branch at The Podium Mall. First store is at Resorts World Manila. They are currently in the works for their third one, hoping to captivate the busy world of BGC.

A true emblem of fine dining in the country, the restaurant adapted their New York-style interiors with circular chandeliers, comfiest couches and very fine wood works. The place was first intimidating but the second we’ve stepped in, we felt very much at home thus got even more excited with our lunch.

And same with their other branches, they have their own wine cellar, housing hundreds of wines of different years and countries of origin. Their little bar is a small paradise of an assortment of hard liquors, as well as international beers on tap.

The establishment, a bit smaller than their Resorts World Manila branch, is a two-story restaurant that can house almost a hundred carnivores. A fine rack of quality wines is a good showcase on the second level.

At the time of our visit, their currently offer Lunch Courses and Lunch Specials on top of their mainstays. We did try their two Lunch Courses. It’s a practical option as the courses already includes sides and desserts, and an optional addition of appetizer.

As expected, our visit started with a complimentary bread basket. There were no other choices for the butter, it was good but nothing special, we’ve tried better ones. We kinda love the one stuffed with onions and the rest were too dry and hard to chew.

Two options for their Lunch Courses:

1. The Wolfgang Experience – unlike the other option, the Taste of New York, The Wolfgang Experience is priced depending on the entree, and also should you wish to add an appetizer.


Seafood Taster (P1088) – it’s a medley of tuna tartar, lobster salad and jumbo shrimp cocktail. All ingredients were locally sourced evidently fresh and of highest quality. The lobster salad was the star of this platter. If you’re working on a tight budget, this appetizer can be skipped. However, if you have some extra moolah to spare and really want that seafood fix, then go ahead and splurge.

Soup or Salad (choose one, included in the set, no additional charge)

a. Caesar Salad With Sizzling Bacon (Our pick!)– fresh greens with croutons and cheese on top, served with few diced bacon. We must admit, we’re a bit disappointed how few the bacon bits were. We love how tasty and juicy it was so we would’ve appreciated it more if they tossed in a few more pieces. You might be thinking why in the world we’ve chosen a usual caesar salad at a fine dining restaurant like this. Oh well, they had us at BACON. Haha!

b. Beverly Hills Chopped Salad – a colorful healthy assemblage of nature’s treasures.

c. Soup of The Day – on the day of our visit, they have Chicken Soup as the Soup of the Day. This one looked hearty, warm and simple. Best to ask the waiters for the day’s offering.


a. Loco Moco (P988) – 220 grams of USDA Prime Dry-Aged Sirloin patty on top of a bed of fragrant steamed rice, with fried egg and mushroom sauce flowing from the top.

b. Fish of The Day (P988) – 250 grams of fish fillet on top of grilled asparagus. The fish skin was excellently seared looking so crisp and classy. On the day of our visit, Fish of The Day was a Snapper.

c. Petit Filet Mignon (P1988) – 250 grams of Filet Mignon done according to your preference.

d. Rib Eye Steak (P3788, Our pick!) – 600 grams of glorious USDA Prime Dry-Aged Rib Eye done according to your preference. We personally requested our steak to be done medium rare. The restaurant’s suggestion was to have it done rare. We don’t think we’d be ready for that anytime soon. Haha! For now, we’ll stick with medium rare.

Look at that humongous cut! It’s like the size of a laptop already! Plus, the thickness was beaming on top as well. Once this was served right in front of us, we were in awe. It’s just crazy big. We cannot contain our excitement to try and have a bite. And oh, that cute pink cow is an indicator of how the meat was done (to avoid mix ups) and definitely not just for props.

That pink is perfecto! The crust was charred in moderation. The inside was screaming delicious and oozing with juices. The dry-aging was a success, we did not add any seasoning or sauce to this one as it was already tasty on its own. We’ve already tried a handful of really good steaks, Wolfgang might not have topped our lost but it sure is a good contender.

Sides (both included, no additional charge)

Creamed Spinach – we’ve never tried creamed spinach before so this first try definitely left a good impression. It was thick and tasty and doesn’t taste veggie-ish at all. We love how smooth it goes on the palate and how it compliments the steak.

Mashed Potatoes – we’re not that fond of mashed potatoes,but this one’s an exception. It was silky and creamy, not the usual texture of a mash.

Dessert of The Day

Tiramisu – the last course for the Wolfgang Experience. This sponge dessert is a must-try. So lucky us that this was the dessert of the day. This one tends to fly under the radar as we’re all focused on the meats. But at the end of the day, we all need a good old classic dessert. The Tiramisu was served with their homemade schlag, or normally called as whipped cream

2. Taste of New York (P2500) – the other option for their Lunch Courses. This one includes a sirloin steak, sides and dessert at a fixed cost.

Sirloin Steak – 400 grams of savory bone-in USDA Prime Dry-Aged Sirloin Steak done medium rare. This was more tender than the rib eye as this was less fatty. Served still boiling and bathing in its own juices, one bite sent us to steak heaven.

The outside was delicately charred and the inside was still perfectly pink and flavorful. The size was amazing huge as well, this alone can already satisfy two people.

Same sides were served, the Creamed Spinach and Mashed Potato. Having two sets of sides was too overwhelming for us, resulting with lots leftovers we got to take home.

New York-Style Cheesecake – simplicity at its finest. This one’s the soulmate of dessert purists. It’s smoothly rich and the sweetness was well-balanced, served with their homemade schlag as well.

The restaurant’s Lunch Courses is available from Monday to Friday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

We paired our steaks with a 2016 Baron Philippe de Rothschild Reserva Especial Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile. Not the best wine we’ve tried but this one went very classy with our steak.

Classic Wolfgang Burger (P698) – USDA Prime Dry-Aged Ground Sirloin patty served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, steak fries and onion rings, with optional cheese, bacon or avocado add-ons. If you can spend on expensive overpriced greasy burgers from those commercialized burger joints out there, why not add a few more bucks and have a prime fine-dining worthy one? Good idea, right? We surprisingly love the patty, looked dull at first sight but it was the perfect patty we’ve ever tried. It’s very juicy and still on perfect pink inside. As much as we love the burger, we have to let you guys know that their onion rings were pure awesomeness as well! It was thoroughly yet not heavily battered and cooked crisp and sweet. The fries were just average alone but better with the sauce below.

This handy-dandy Old Fashioned Sauce, sitting between a salsa and a ketchup, was already present to each of their tables. This is to be paired to any of their dishes, whether it’s an appetizer or a steak. As much as it’s tempting to pour a lot, we haven’t been able to use this much as Wolfgang’s Steakhouse offerings can already stand on their own.

Service, as expected, was top-notch. As the place was relatively small, all waiters were all caught up with our requests so easily. They also initially serve the orders to eachof our plate. So if you still want to take a photo of that steak as a whole (we know you would want to!), better do it fast or just tell them to wait. Overall, all of them were very nice, accommodating and professional.

Important tip: On our second visit (yep, we did came back for more!), we were asked if we wanted still or sparkling water. Warning! It’s a trap! Haha! If you pick any of those, you’ll be charged a fortune for a good bottle of water, more peso to shell out if you consume more. We should’ve asked for their service water instead of agreeing to still water. Ikr, our fault! Please don’t ask us for the price, our hearts are still aching and we still cannot accept it until now, or ever. JK! Haha!

Value for money: Worth the splurge. This one’s perfect for special date nights and celebrations.

#DateForTwo at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener

Note: Actual prices and details might change without prior notice. Price posted does not include discounts and other charges, unless stated otherwise. Photos are all owned and captured by the page owners.

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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse: Dry-Aged Glorious Steaks Introduced in the PH

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