Waterside at Solaire Resort and Casino: Latin American Culinary Discovery

Deliciously Latino!

? Waterside – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

? Solaire Resort and Casino, Paranaque City


Our casino date night has been more colorful with our discovery of Waterside Restobar, a restaurant serving Latin-inspired foods and well-curated cocktails.

Considered as one of the must-try restaurants in Solaire Resort and Casino, Waterside boasts a vibrant rustic yet modern casual dining ambience.

This month, they’ve added an oomph to their exquisitely-created selection of culinary experience by offering a hefty number of new dishes. These outposts were inspired by real-life immersions of Chef Hylton LeRoux to South America streets and kitchens.


Ceviche (P490) – smooth chunks of marinated kingfish freshly drenched in avocado leche de tigre, sprinkled with cherry tomatoes, onions, toasted corn, and sweet potato on top. Among all three tapas, this one’s our top pick!

Tuna Tostada (P330) – tuna marinated in soy and orange, salsa, chili, roasted peanuts, all on a crisp tostada shell.

Albondigas (P380) – Albondigas is the spanish word for meatballs thus this dish loaded with meatballs on a bed of sliced potatoes, bathed with sofrito, and topped with Manchego cheese. We find this perfect to be paired with hard drinks like whiskey or brandy.


(L-R) Pork Carnitas, Beef Barbacoa, Sisig Tacos (P300-P340) – succulent meats chopped and topped with different spices under a soft taco shell. We love their take with the Sisig Taco but we adore Beef Barbacoa the most. It’s very tender and tasty, amplified best when mixed well with the avocado mash.

Arroz con Mariscos (P880) – a wonderful medley of colors and flavors, this is the dish we wouldn’t be tired of recommending to anyone we knew’d be going to Solaire. Guys, this is a MUST-TRY! It’s a Peruvian traditional dish that pays homage to the well-known Paella, but stresses out the aji amarillo sofrito instead, topped with seafoods such as shrimp, mussels, clams, and cockles.

Callo de Res (P900) – caught between a braised beef and a bulalo, Waterside’s Mexican beef soup is surely a hit. We hate to say this, but rice please? Hehe! The meat is just so soft and the soup just went straight to our hearts.

Pollo Guisado (P920) – this one’s a Dominican chicken stew, made colorful by the banana strips, olives, carrots, all drenched in sofrito.

Cuban Style Suckling Pig Carnitas (P2800) – sous vide suckling pig, with green mango salsa on the side. The chicken skin is midly crispy and the meat is very tender and juicy. Once we started eating a strip, we’re officially hooked.


(L-R) Pumpkin Flan, Mexican Bread Pudding, Chocolate Coffee Cream Slice, Churros and Chocolate (P200-P225) – these beautiful creations are so hard to eat! Can we just stare at them forever? The Chocolate Coffee Cream cake is TDF!


(L-R) Lady Margaret, Category 5, Pineapple’s Back, Papa Wake Up, Ed’s Pina Colada, Classic Mai Tai (P450) – The cherries on top of this restaurant are the cocktails that were freshly-made right in front of us. Any drink is priced at P450. Yes, it is quite hefty for a cocktail but it sure is worth the price tag. We had a quick chat with the bartender and he said that he’s aware that this is beyond what people would actually pay for a cocktail, so he’s making sure every cocktail he makes is worth the while. It really is. Our personal favorites are the Classic Mai Tai and Lady Margaret.

Next time we’re playing at Solaire (which is next week, and the next weeks, haha!), we’ll surely head to Waterside for a quick drink and an order of ceviche and tacos.

Value for money: For the price and the quality of food, ambience and service, it surely is worth it!

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Waterside at Solaire Resort and Casino: Latin American Culinary Discovery

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