Wagyupsal: Unlimited Korean BBQ and Wagyu!

Wagyu all-you-can!

? Wagyupsal – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

? D Strip, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

? Date for Two: Unli Pork + Beef + Wagyu

? Total: P1798


The KBBQ craze is getting intense in the Philippines and the competition is so on! Korean restaurants have been spreading so quickly, we can almost see one in any area, may it be on a commercial or remote location, though we know it’s a survival of the fittest. There are some established ones, some were already left out with the gimmicks, and some willing to take the risk and join the battle – Wagyupsal is the newest contender.

The restaurant plays between classic and modern, with a hint of funk, perfect for the millenials.

Reading just the name, one can perfectly guess what’s in store for diners – Wagyu + Samgyupsal = Wagyupsal.

Unli Pork + Beef + Wagyu (P899) – we got unlimited Korean barbeque and unlimited Wagyu beef. Yes guys, WAGYU!! And this is on top of their refillable side dishes (that includes tempura, thank you very much!) and ice cream-all you-can. If you’re still not convinced, then we’re telling you that all these are for just P899!

Running out of moolah? The P599 option, perhaps? Still with everything unlimited, except for the Wagyu and tempura.

Here are the side dishes (L-R): Japanese Salad, Pamuchin (scallion salad), Fish Cake, Korean Soup, Kimchi, and Tempura. They also have Japchae in the list but it’s not available on the day of our visit. Steamed rice is included too. We usually consume a lot of fish cakes in Korean restos though this time, we gulped in a lot of Korean Soup. It’s so good! One of us has sore throat that day and basically doesn’t have any voice, and this soup soothed it. What a wonder to our throats, and our tummies. Hehe.

So for the meats, we got Samgyupsal, Pork Bacon, Spicy Pork Belly, Woosamgyup, and Spicy Beef Belly. We haven’t tried their Pork Bulgogi and Beef Bulgogi. The marinated ones were really tasty though we still prefer the classic Samgyupsal and Woosamgyup dipped in the red bean sauce.

Time for Wagyu! Per their menu, three Wagyu cuts were listed: Bolar Blade, Top Round, and Chuck Eye Roll. The first two were marked as seasonal. On our visit, we only got to try the Bolar Blade and the Chuck Eye Roll. We find both cuts super tender and rich in flavor. Our favorite is the Chuck Eye Roll. We know what to order more next time!

And oh, have we mentioned they have unlimited cheese and steamed egg, too? The cheese was perfect! Not too bland and not too salty, just right for the already-tasty meats. We ended our meal with their homemade ice cream in Milk Tea and Vanilla flavor. For some reason, the photos got corrupted but we’re trying to recover it. Will update this post the soonest.

Wagyupsal is currently on soft opening but we’ve seen lots and lots of customers already. We appreciated that they are not undermanned – we can see an estimate of one person for every three tables, maybe more, which made the refilling of meats and side dishes very fast with little to no delays at all.

Value for money: Service is great. The ambience is great. Food is a steal. We know you’re already paying 400-600 pesos for a regular KBBQ, why not add a little more for Wagyu? Trust us, it’s worth it.

#DateForTwo at Wagyupsal

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Wagyupsal: Unlimited Korean BBQ and Wagyu!

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