Tsujiri: Spreading Real Matcha Goodness

?Tsujiri – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
?SM Aura, Taguig City

?Date for Two: O Matcha, Matcha Tsujiri Sundae, Vanilla Tsujiri Sundae

?Total: P680


Matcha has taken over our country’s food scene for years now, and this flavor will sure stay long, even forever. Coffee shops, local restaurants and even fast food chains already got their versions of food and drink, all with Matcha to taste. Everyone is on hype on everything Matcha. And good thing the mother of all Matcha came to town. Say hello to Tsujiri.

Did you know Tsujiri existed even before our grandparents did? Yep! That old! The brand started 1860 and is globally known for their high-grade green tea. They are now serving customers worldwide via franchise and we’re lucky to be one of the countries to experience this.

This ancient brand first opened this year in S’Maison Mall, Pasay City and soon opened subsequently at SM Mall of Asia and Podium Mall. To date, they have opened another branch at SM Aura, which is currently doing good as the place is always packed with millies, Matcha lovers and group of friends and family.

Our first pick are their bestseller – Tsujiri Sundae yet we got curious on their O Matcha, and so we gave it a try. We’re pleased that we got to witness it made in front of us. Cool!

One of their staff poured hot water on a bowl with matcha (not boiling as it will ruin the quality of the matcha powder) and subsequently stirred on a circular motion using the bamboo whisk.

Whisking continues but on a front and back motion now, to further blend in the powder.

Our drink is now ready. Time to dig in!

O Matcha (P130) – At first glance, this small cup seems like too expensive but we assure you, this is worth the extra money you have to shell out. Several reasons why – their Matcha is of the highest quality, so heighten your expectations and be prepared to be blown away as Tsujiri will let you experience ‘Real Matcha’. ‘Real Matcha’ is sweet, savory and does have a tiny taste of bitter in the end. We have this impression that Matcha is bitter in general, and is sweetened and neutralized by the sugars and creams in normal Matcha drink/dessert. As the Matcha they are using is of high quality, there is a high risk of quality downgrade over time as well. Their best solution, have all the ingredients shipped via air, and not by seas, to ensure preservation of quality.

Matcha Tsujiri Sundae (P285) – Their sundaes are the best-sellers among all their uniquely-crafted desserts. It’s a work of art, as the layers are done to bring out the best possible way to enjoy the cup. One order is composed of roasted brown rice crispies, Matcha sundae, red bean paste, another layer of sundae and for the toppings, chestnut, mochi and sakura-inspired rice cracker. This one’s definitely IG-worthy! For the red bean layer, they have mashed it into a paste, which is a big plus for us. We are not red bean lovers as the texture is awkward, so this paste made us love this sundae even more.

Matcha Tsujiri Sundae (P265) – For those who were left with no options but to come in Tsujiri (Hello, IG boyfriends who would do anything for their loves! Haha!), fret not as Tsujiri have other options for you!

Value for money: Worth it! You’ll get authentic Matcha goodness ?

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Tsujiri: Spreading Real Matcha Goodness

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