Tsokolateria: Baguio’s Quick Stop for Hot Chocolate

THE Hot Chocolate we’ve been expecting from Baguio.


?Igorot Stairs, Baguio City

? Date for Two: Tsoko Mallow

? Total: P220


A trip to Baguio would not be complete without a sip of Hot Chocolate to pacify the cold weather. And by weather, we mean a good excuse to slurp a magical drink to brighten up our day in an instant. Tsokolateria is located at Igorot Stairs, along with its sister restaurants like Pamana and Hawaiian BBQ.

The restaurant itself can be hard to reach as it’s situated halfway through the Igorot Stairs. So no choice but to climb down, if you’re up, or climb up if you’re coming from the bottom. In any way, you’ll be experiencing the struggle. Haha. But it was worth it. The garden set up was cozy and relaxing, it felt like we’re at a Spa.

Tsoko Mallow (P220) – This was just one order guys. It’s already good for two, more actually. Tsokolateria’s crafted hot chocolate was one of the best we’ve had. And we’re already having the plain hot choco version from Pamana ever since. So now, we’ve tried the one with marshmallow.

It was a good choice as not only we can slurp a good drink, we can have a light snack as well. Look how pinch-able were the mallows! It’s perfect!

And as the two cups came with an extra pitcher of hot chocolate, we got to refill on many times. Yay! All these for just 220 pesos!

Value for money: Definitely worth it!

#DateForTwo at Tsokolateria

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Tsokolateria: Baguio’s Quick Stop for Hot Chocolate

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