Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew: BEST Nachos EVER

Off to this Chimichurri Heaven!

?Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
?Kapitolyo, Pasig City

?Date for Two: Nacho el Gigante, Beef Barbacoa, 18 Hours Gaucho Steak, Frozen Brazo de Mercedes, Tittos Iced Tea

?Total: P1335


Vibrant is the most appropriate word to describe this new and hip resto inside one of Metro Manila’s food hub, Kapitolyo. This two-storey place is just beaming with a feast of colors, and the foods that comes with it will give color to your dull food life.

The very first thing to catch our attention is this huge map of Latin America, along with cool visual representation of each country. This map tells all about what shall we be having in this resto.

While waiting for our orders, we got curious on what’s upstairs. And this colorful cartoons will welcome you dearly as you climb their stairs.

This is the view from their second floor. Look how the map dominates the first floor. It’s so lovely to look at. We want to have this on our house as well, though we wanted the Philippines version. That would be awesome! Haha.

To those who wanted to smoke or just want to have natural air, they have this spacious al fresco area still complete with the colorful facade. No worries on the heat as they have a good ventilation via air cooler. Enough with the tour, time to get to the main attraction – FOOOOD!!!

Nacho el Gigante, Medio (P245) – Tortilla Chips, Beef Barbacoa, Tomato Salsa, Jalapenos, Shredded Lettuce, Trio of Cheese, Chimichurri, Mexican Crema. This is just the BEST. NACHOS. EVER!!! We’ve been to lots of bars and restos and we’ve never had nachos this good. The chimichurri does it, and the cheese, and the beef barbacoa – well yes, everything in it! Haha! The medley of all ingredients made this one-of-a-kind nachos incredibly perfect. This alone made us happy already. And of course, we had more to go.

Beef Barbacoa Street Tacos (P155) – Slow Cooked Beef Belly, Black Tortilla, Chimichurri, Pico de Gallo, Pickled Onion, Slaw, Tortilla Crisps. Black Tortilla subject to availability. This open-faced tacos are divine. The beef used is the same as the ones in the nachos so we got the same good and tasty flavor. The black tortilla adds a unique experience from the usual tacos sold in the market. The tortilla is so tender and soft at the same time. And filling too!

18 Hours Gaucho Steak (P550) – Hanger Steak, Side Veggies, Onion Crisps, Chimchurri, Gravy. Served with choice of one side dish. For the main entree, we got their famous 18 Hours Gaucho Steak. Again, hands down to this dish, especially the chimichurri! It’s actually the chimichurri that we can taste all over. The steak itself is good but with the chimichurri, it is beyond delish! Also, the onion crisps on top are a plus! On our first bite, we actually had a second look on their menu and see if they have it as an appetizer or bar chow. Too bad, there isn’t. Huhu. Tittos, please add this one on your menu? Hihi. It’s actually good! Can pass as a twin with Johnny Rockets’ Onion Rings. Moreover, the steak comes with a choice of one side dish. We got Truffle Mash Potato and so far tasted the best mashed potato there is. They seems to have the best of everything! That’s how good Tittos’ foods are. Not an exaggeration, we promise! Haha!

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (P195) – Buttered Grahams, Custard, Meringue, Vanilla Ice Cream, Crushed Oreo, Whipping Cream, Blueberry and Strawberry Slices. We ended our vibrant food experience with their frozen brazo. It was well decorated but we loved the plain take of this dessert to cool down our palate, with the fruits and oreos on the side as option for toppings.

Tittos Iced Tea (P95) – Most people judge a restaurant by its Iced Tea and we’re one of them! Verdict: Thumbs up!

At the moment we finished eating, we were actually scheduling when to come back again and whom to invite with us so they can also experience. Haha! We’ll definitely be back soon. They have quite the number of dishes on their menu so we’ll be trying out others too.

A Peak at RM 16: Would you believe that beyond Titto’s colorful facade lies an ecstatic bar behind this unique passageway? We got a peak at Titto’s hidden treasure, RM 16.

Colors end at this point. Get ready to enter a whole new dimension. We love how they customized the door specifically for the drink brand. Looks like a retro soda vending machine. Nice! We love this brand! (We actually got a collection of all things Coca-Cola).

Once the red door opens, their signage welcomes you (and another door). As you can see, this bar is still fresh as it just opened last year. And here’s what’s inside:

Pretty cool right? This small abode reminds us of ABV Bar in Makati, only a bit smaller but the vibes is the same. More like entering the world of The Vampire Diaries to us, only peaceful though. Haha! They have around 5 tables and can only accommodate limited number of guests, only by reservation. You can also reserve the entire place for your private parties.

They have a wide selection of booze. They’re so pretty to look at! Everything’s well organized and beers on tap are so tempting. Craving for Hoegaarden at the moment. Mehehe.

Value for money: Overall visit is worth the penny! This is perfect for first dates, or if you just want to impress your date, or simply wanted to eat great food and discover hidden places.

#DateForTwo at Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew x RM 16

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Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew: BEST Nachos EVER

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