The Dirty Coffee: Civet Cat Poop In A Cup

In the mood for something dirty?

? The Dirty Coffee – ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

? Magallanes Square, Tagaytay City


Worth the drive to Tagaytay, this humble coffee shop serves the most expensive coffee in the world, the Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee. It’s scarcity made it very expensive, as well as the unconventional methods it is produced and harvested.

The Dirty Coffee literally serves poop in a cup, thus the name. Served hot, iced, or ice blended, Kopi Luwak is prized for its quality, great aroma, and chocolatey taste. The shop also sells it by the bag, with delectable cakes available for take out or for dining in.

Not to gross you out, but we just wanna share how the actual civet coffee looks like! The third photo is the actual poop. It still looks like a coffee bean but also loaded with enzymes from the civet cat. It doesn’t look (or smell) bad at all! The first photo is the roasted coffee and the third is the grinded one.

Finally, we’ve tried the so-called ‘Dirty Coffee’. Unfortunately, the Kopi Luwak, priced at P501, isn’t available on our visit. We’ve just tried their TDC Alamid Blend (P151), Kape Musang (P201), and Kape Mutit (P301). Among the three, the Kape Musang wins. The Alamid Blend is good and the Kape Mutit is too strong for our liking already.

TDC Blue Pea Iced Latte (P130) – this very pretty drink is made from a blue pea butterfly flower. This one actually has a lot of health benefits for hair loss, fatigue, and stress. The taste is not too strong and leaned towards the milky side.

For those who still can’t veer away from their Frappe regulars, they have Civet Crumble (P160), Toffee Nut (P140), and Dark Choco (P140). Each frappe is placed in a huge mug making this worth the price. It’s actually priced relatively low for the quality. We’ll be back for their Civet Crumble!

We finished off our coffee break with their Red Velvet Cake (P120) and Chocolate Cake (P120). Both are moist and creamy, each has its own specialty flavor.

Value for money: Worth it!

#DateForTwo at The Dirty Coffee

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The Dirty Coffee: Civet Cat Poop In A Cup

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