Terraz: Valentine’s Special at Zuellig Building’s Sky Garden

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, people have a lot to say about it. Some may say it’s a waste of time and money, some will say it will just add up to the traffic we’re already badly experiencing. People who doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day would usually say that Valentine’s Day should be everyday for couples who are really in love. True maybe, but for love advocates like us who still can’t get enough of this special day, why settle for less when you can be on top? Literally, on top.

For those who may not know, Terraz Meetings & Bistro organizes this annual Valentine’s Special (P5998 for two) at Zuellig Building’s Sky Garden. If Zuellig Building awes you already from the outside, wait ’til you see the inside, it’s magnificent! And if Terraz already is your favorite go-to resto in Makati, prepare to be amazed as they leveled up everything they have to make the most romantic day of the year more than perfect, with great food and romantic live music to top it all.

Each table is meticulously set up in white and red, with flowers and pearls as its ornaments. As soon as we have arrived, we got to choose our table as we were one of the early birds. We were immediately served a 2016 Marchesi Frescobaldi Pian di Remole Rosso Toscana IGT from Tuscany, Italy. Turns out that each table will have one bottle of this for the whole night. Fantastic!

To kick off this wonderful dinner, we got Oysters Three-Way as a starter. It’s literally three oysters in three different styles: Oyster Mignonette, Rockefeller, Oyster Fritters with Tendon Sauce. While we are always fans of the baked ones, this time, we appreciated the Oyster Fritters more. It’s perfectly crispy on the outside yet soft and tasty on the inside.

Guilty Pleasure might be the best words to describe this dish. Bite by bite, all the guilt ran in our blood. Slowly, the thought got inside our head, softly telling us how sinful this dish is. And we can’t stop ‘coz it’s oh. so. good. This Caul fat Foie Gras dish would forever be in our good food memories. The Balsamic Pearl on the side deserves some praise, too. The pearl and the foie just went so well together.

To somehow lessen our adrenaline rush from the foie gras, this Salmon Confit is a good next dish. It’s a fillet of Chilean Salmon with Squid Ink Dill Pasta and Nori waka me Vinaigrette on the side. We went straight to the pasta then on to the salmon and nori. The dish was light, calm and hearty. It was to our surprise that it also has a seared Pacific King Scallop hiding beneath the greens, which tasted superb by the way. It definitely awakened (again) our senses that very moment. Wow. Just wow. Adrenaline rush is back.

The main attraction of this already-lovey night is this Wagyu Beef served with mashed fresh horseradish potato, bacon-wrapped carrot, and mushrooms, with black garlic oil on the side. We plainly enjoyed the steak as is, but we kind of liked putting the meat, the mashed potato, the mushroom, and the sauce in one bite. We saved the bacon-wrapped carrot, and one slice of the Wagyu for last. Those last bites were heavenly. Surprisingly, the bacon-wrapped carrot is a delight.

It’s typical to end a great night with a bang. And tonight, this is our firework. As we see this arriving to our table, we cannot define the utmost excitement. Our curiosity rose when the servers asked us to veer away from the dish for a little while. They flamed it gloriously, allowing the chocolate net to soften for a bit. It’s a wonderful sweet surprise as we try to crack it open little by little. This Dark and White Chocolate Vanilla Net enclosed different dessert specialties from Terraz such as the Choco Royale, Vanilla Strawberry Pralines, Olive Oil Panna Cotta, and Grand Maniere Macarons. And yes, each of us got one of this. Oh yeah!

Terraz got everything in place as how a Valentine’s Day should be. And with the right partner spending the night, it was a dreamy romantic culinary experience to remember. We’re already excited what next year has to offer as this one surely set the bar up high.

Terraz Meetings and Bistro’s Valentine’s Special is located at 34th floor, Zuellig Building’s Sky Garden, Makati Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas Street, Brgy. Urdaneta, Makati City. The Valentine’s Special is available only during Valentine’s Day. Visit Terraz Meetings and Bistro on a regular day at 3rd floor, Zuellig Building, Makati Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas Street, Brgy. Urdaneta, Makati City.

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Terraz: Valentine’s Special at Zuellig Building’s Sky Garden

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