Templo: Unlimited Crabs, Shrimps, And More!

Unlimited Crabs and Shrimps, everyone!

? Templo – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

? Dapitan Lifestyle Complex, Banawe, Quezon City


While everyone was enjoying unlimited KBBQ and those large commercial buffets, can we just stop and thank the seafood gods for blessing us with Templo? Unlimited crabs, shrimps, and other meats for only P699. Yes, unlimited!

Templo is a humble small restaurant inside a commercial complex that has carwash, merchandise store, and another restaurant. Templo serves Szechuan foods slightly adjusted to the Filipino tastebud, meaning – less spicy! Don’t get us wrong, their default spiciness level is tolerable but everyone can have it adjusted. Chili lover? No worries, they can make it better for you!

Look at this wonderful spread of seafood goodness! And the best part is, it’s eat all you can! Can you now imagine how many crabs and shrimps can you take in one sitting? Well for us, we can say we nailed it!

We’ll be listing the prices here as if they were ordered a la carte so we can prove to you how sulit getting the unlimited promo can be.

Seafood Combo Platter (P999) – this platter has 400g crab and 400g shrimp. So we got two large crabs and almost a platter full of shrimps, plated very well as if the two crabs are starting a brawl. Lol.

Soy Garlic Crab (P595, 500g) – a simple option for those who wanted their crab cooked with minimal flavors, this soy garlic crab is oozing with freshness. They also offered a steamed one, no other flavors, just all the juices coming out from this blessing from the sea.

Salted Egg Crab (P598, 500g) – smothered with salted egg, this must be the tastiest crab we’ve ever tasted! The soy garlic is good but this one’s great.

Which part is our favorite? This one! The meat is just so tender and straight up huge chunk in our bellies. And oh, can you already spot in the background how many shells have we had already thrown at the bin? Yep, A. LOT.

Soy Garlic Shrimp (P548, 400g) – a classic take on how the shrimps should simply be done. We ate lots of this, tbh!

Sweet Chili Shrimp (P545, 400g) – shrimps sauteed in a thick sweet chili sauce. We find this too bold for our liking so we got the first one more.

Salted Egg Tempura (P360, 10pcs) – salted egg does everything better, agree? We are certified tempura lovers and this one is our most favorite so far. It’s very tasty, thanks to our wonderful salted egg companion, and the meat and batter went well together. A clarification though, the plate we got here is for the unlimited one that’s why it’s so many. The ala carte order is priced at P360 for 10 pieces only.

Szechuan Pork Intestine (P265) – can you imagine having lots of isaw without the fear of bacteria? Templo gurantees a clean take on our favorite isaw baboy and much more as these were cooked Szechuan style.

Szechuan Duck Breast (P485) – tired of having chicken meat every single day? Then this duck breast is perfect! The meat is so tender and is cooked slightly spicy, can be adjusted to more if you prefer.

Szechuan Sliced Pork (P265) – mixed slices of tender and fatty pork meats, sauteed the Szechuan way. It’s savory and flavorful, one serving is definitely not enough.

Lick (P138-P158) – Templo also houses Lick bottled teas and juices. We recommend their Giant Apple and Island Mango. So good!

Templo Signature Milk Tea (P115) – this milk tea is as good as those Thai milk teas in the metro. It has a stronger tea base and overpowering than the milk, which is a plus for us.

Value for money: Worth it if you get the unlimited deal. We know you will!

#DateForTwo at Templo

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Templo: Unlimited Crabs, Shrimps, And More!

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