Tasting Room: Exquisite Haute Cuisine in Manila

Get ready to reawaken your senses with this impressive gastronomic experience.

?The Tasting Room – ❤❤❤
?Nuwa Hotel, City of Dreams Manila, Paranaque City

?Date for Two: Four Courses, With Wine Pairing

?Total: P13,176


After some time of hiatus from the culinary world, The Tasting Room is back this year. New Chef, new menu, new interiors, and new location. It’s the country’s version of the one in City of Dreams Macau, a restaurant with the same name and has the most-coveted stars from the Michelin Guide. Now, City of Dreams Manila’s adaptation of The Tasting Room would want to introduce french haute cuisine with a dash of Asian flavors to blend in perfectly to the emerging Philippine culinary appreciation.

The Tasting Room is located at the ground floor of Nuwa Hotel, formerly Crown Towers, set inside the vicinity of City of Dreams Manila. The restaurant was once occupied by Crystal Lounge, Crown Tower’s Bar and Lounge.

Posh is an understatement. Earth tones and gold surrounds the entire place bringing in the coziest and warmest hues to settle us in and prepare us for the degustation menu we have yet to try.

The entire restaurant can house 56 patrons, though only 40 can be seated at the dining hall proper. For a little privacy, they have a secluded part with a huge round table that can seat 8 persons. On the sides are the most attentive and accommodating waiters to cater to everyone’s needs outstandingly and with finesse.

At the end of the dining hall is this elegant small bar that can seat 8 people who do not wish to dine and just have a good old drink. Their choices of wines and whiskeys are limited but sure are the cream of the crop of all exclusive vintages.

Look at this set up. This is simplicity and perfection at the same time. The table wares and the atmosphere teased us of how the night will be.

Our gastronomic journey began with appetizers that awakened our senses. First, we got tortilla chips that’s paired with tuna pate, and jelly with rhum. Subsequently, and throughout all courses, we were served three kinds of outstanding breads (sour dough, black sesame, french baguette) with nori butter and salted butter on the side.

Sea Bass Carpaccio | Red and Black Raddish | Artichoke Cream | Cucumber Jelly | Celeriac | Remoulade | Banana Blossom | Veal Tongue | Vinaigrette | Pickles  – Chef recommended to start our first course with the carpaccio first. The sea bass was hiding underneath huge delicate slices of red and black raddish, with artichoke cream, pomegranate seed and cucumber jelly scattered beautifully on the side, topped with a culinary herb, creating one magnifique work of art.  We then tried the veal tongue and the remoulade, both of them leaned towards a zesty finish. The assemblage was a feast to the eyes and a delight to the palate.

First Course was paired with a 2016 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. The wine was citrus-y and fairly aromatic, wisely complemented the dish’s tangy overall taste.

Lobster | Ginger | Espelette Pepper | Bisque – When it comes to crustaceans, we Filipinos were used to eating buttered or grilled ones. Never in our wildest imagination that we thought of eating lobsters drenched in mango bisque. We started this crowd-pleaser course with the lobster rillettes on the side. The chopped lobster legs mixed lightly with yogurt did some great job on setting us in, progressing smoothly from calm to a tropical party in the mouth when we’ve tried the main attraction. Palawan-sourced lobster, ginger, espelette pepper, diced guavas and mangoes were the lovely players of this subtly spicy and fruity dish.

Second Course was paired with a 2015 Domaine Mittnacht Freres Les Terres Blanches Gewurztraminer from Alsace, France. The wine was also citrus-y but with more bold flavors from other fruits. The aroma was stronger than the first one which overpowered the strong taste from the bisque.

Cape Grim Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin | Black Pepper | Onions | Potatoes – This meticulously introduced dish was the main course of the night. It’s composed of a very rich beef tenderloin from Cape Grim, potato gnocchi, onions, beetroot puree and a stack of fresh spinach.We had our tenderloin done medium rare, one bite took us to steak heaven. The beef just bursted and covered our mouth a blastful of nature’s flavors. On our next  bite, we’ve tried having it with the beetroot puree for an additional contrast.

Third Course was paired with a 2011 Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz from Australia. This drink was the strongest one we had that night, which was the one thing lacking from our delectable steak. It was aged very well it needed to be transferred to a carafe once the bottle was opened to allow the wine to breathe.

Chocolate Success | Lychee Veloute – Our last coursed was served as a bare chocolate meringue with a thick chocolate coat on top, then drizzled with a chocolate sauce almost covering the entire plate. It was recommended to dig in to the lychee veloute first then the chocolate success after. But we recommend taking small parts of both in between just to balance the rich chocolate taste and not overwhelm the palate.

Fourth Course was paired with a 2015 Clos Lapeyre Jurancon Moelleux from France. The wine was a sweet fruity drink with a very sweet and tempting aroma.

We finished off our experience with these few pieces of gorgeous chocolate pralines so beautiful we wouldn’t want to touch actually. Haha. We had too much chocolate in our last course but we did not mind having another decadent thing to come in our body.

All these works of art were spearheaded by Chef de Cuisine Frederic Thevenet and seamlessly managed by Maitre D’ Stephen Moroney. Both worked extensively at a numerous Michelin-starred restaurants. They have been together creating top-notch service and masterpieces since 2015 over several countries, their latest one was at Vietnam.

Value for money: Price can be steep but if you have an extra fortune to spare, wanted to celebrate with a loved-one, or just had the luxury to splurge for a night, the one-of-a-kind exquisite experience would definitely not disappoint. We had a great night, something to remember forever.

Rates: 4 Courses is priced at P4,588, additional P2,000 for wine pairing. 6 Courses is at P5,088, additional P2,800 for the wine pairing.

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Tasting Room: Exquisite Haute Cuisine in Manila

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