Soru Izakaya: An Oasis of Good Japanese Food in Maginhawa

We can say, “Finally, a fine Japanese restaurant in Maginhawa!”

?Soru Izakaya❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?Maginhawa Street, Quezon City

?Date for Two: Beef Sukiyaki, Shake Belly Aburi, Shake Sashimi, Matcha Cheesecake, Kyuri Green Iced Tea, Soru Lemonade

?Total: P1450


After a few a months, we went back to Maginhawa for some good food. We can say that we have witnessed Maginhawa from just having a few restaurants to a full bloom food district. There are a lot of restaurants to choose, mostly food parks, hip joints and over-the-top millie cafes. Most of them are good, but rarely no one is close to greatness.

Glad we have tried Soru Izakaya, a modern Japanese resto that have changed our usual Maginhawa escapade. No offense intended, the place is more like fit to be in Makati or BGC. Lol, peace QC peeps!

Seriously, the place is well lit and designed. This is perfect for those who are finding good ambience and would just want to have a peaceful meal and enjoy each other’s company without any fuss. Soooo in love with all their wall arts!

We arrived around lunch time and the place is almost full. We were like the foreigners in this place as everyone else is either Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Hey, fellow Filipino foodies, let’s dominate this place next time. Lol! And this, our friends, is how to know how authentic a place is, when it’s loaded with their own nationals. We got excited with our order even more.

See! Even their kitchen has a very cool wall art. Hihi. These chefs-in-action are visible to everyone, so you can view your dish freshly prepared right in front of you.

While were waiting for our food, we’ve already prepared our sauce using these two – soy sauce and chili powder.

First ones to arrive are the drinks. We got the Soru Lemonade (P85) and Kyuri Green Iced Tea (P85). Both has its own unique blend. Serving size is huge so we’re both happy with our choice.

The foods start to arrive one by one. This is their Beef Sukiyaki (P380). A dish composed of shirataki noodles, sliced beef, tofu, egg and mixed vegetables. This one’s good for sharing so just order one for two.  One of the best sukiyakis we had so far, perfectly cooked and not too sweet.

For the meat, we had Shake Sashimi (P420). It’s a melt-in-your-mouth chilled Norwegian salmon. This one tastes so fresh, quality is felt in every slice. We actually wanted more pieces! Haha! Btw, for quantity, Sashimi Moriawase (P650), a platter of all their 5 variants of sashimis, might be the better option. It has 3 pieces of each so you’ll get 15 in all. It’s a steal!

On the side, we also had Shake Belly Aburi (P220). This is torched salmon belly with teriyaki sauce, japanese mayo, truffle mayo and ikura. These sushis are bursting with flavors. The colorful presentation equates well with the nice play of sauces.

Hail to the mother of all cheesecakes – their Matcha Cheesecake (P260). At first, when we saw this on their menu priced at P260, we were like ‘Seriously? This is worth P260?’ and after one bite, we also ate what we have said. This is definitely worth P260! Goodness gracious, it’s just pure bliss! We wanted to have this everyday for dessert. Our curious selves just won’t stop so we asked if they source this somewhere. And to our surprise, they actually created this themselves exclusively for Soru Izakaya. Coolness!

Value for money: Worth every penny. For good Japanese food, ambience and service, the extra hundreds definitely pay off.

#DateForTwo at Soru Izakaya

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Soru Izakaya: An Oasis of Good Japanese Food in Maginhawa

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