Skewered: A Little Bit of Your Favorite Asian Country in Every Stick

All your Asian cravings in one resto!


?Festival Mall Expansion Wing, Muntinlupa City

Located at the Expansion Wing of Festival Mall, Skewered by Phatchick opened this March 2018. They’re still on soft opening so hours open are from 5pm to 10 pm only when we visited. But we got an update that they have adapted to the mall operating hours and once they’re settled in, they’ll be adding few more hours until late night.

Festival Mall is a maze. It took us too long to reach this part, we needed to ask several guards for directions. But the journey was all worth it upon seeing this place. It’s clean, homey, and very much alive.

As we arrived early in the evening, there were still lots of tables vacant so we got to choose our spot. Our choice: the one beside the painted so-called windows. The place resembled an old ship hence the round holes with faux view.

Look at this work of art! One of the things we love about Skewered is their attention to detail. From their glasses, cutlery holder, skewer hanger, up to their decors, all were spotless and delicately customized specifically for the restaurant.

High round tables and chairs were on the sides for those who prefer to just have drinks and few bar chows. Speaking of chows, let’s move forward to the main attractions for the night.

Crispy Chicken Tenders (P288) – Japanese-style fried chicken with pickled cucumber and carrots, romaine lettuce and fresh herbs, served with their signature salted egg sauce, hot sauce and minced fresh garlic. Chef recommended to eat this wrapped in romaine lettuce, with the fresh garlic and the sauce inside. The chicken tenders were indeed really tender, and tasty. The salted egg sauce was a perfect match to the entire wrap.

Asian Slaw (P188) – Slaw of red, green, and Chinese cabbage, romaine lettuce, orange slices and edamame, with citrus-sesame soy dressing. For a big bowl of salad, this one’s reasonably priced and well-deserved for this summer season, and for that summer bod.

Japanes Miso Soup (P89) – Yellow miso broth with silken tofu, wakame with skewered quail egg and enoki mushroom tempura. One of our favorites! The miso soup just went very well with the skewers on top.  We love the enoki mushroom! It’s chewy and yummy!

Viet Nam Chicken Soup (P89) – Comforting clear chicken soup, bean sprouts, white and spring onions, chicken strips, fresh herbs, with skewered bean sprout kakiage with honey-miso sauce on top. It’s soup in its simplest form. We find this a bit salty but we appreciated it once we have paired it with the kakiage. Skewered did a good job on the pairings tbh.

Pork and Cabbage Fried Rice (P75) – Wok-fried braised pork belly and cabbage. We find both of their fried rice to be very affordable. Considering the serving, and the amount of meats and veggies in it, they’re a steal. This one a has lots of Chinese cabbages which added texture and color to the bowl. It also has a dash of spice but not overpowering to the entire cup.

Phatchick’s Fried Rice (P75) – Sweet Chinese sausage, scrambled eggs, spring onions, carrots, corn, and green peas. At first look, this looks like a typical fried rice, but it was so much more. It’s like having a Pepper Lunch plate in one cup. The glazed bacons were the cherries on top, literally on top and figuratively added the flavor.

Szechuan Chicken (P79) – Boneless chicken thigh marinated in Szechuan peppercorns and Chinese five spice. Chicken meat was tasty and tender, serving size was huge, too! It was recommended to have it paired to the Lemongrass dip for added flavor and sour kick.

Chicken Liver (P79) – Grilled chicken liver marinated in their secret spice blend. We’re curious on that secret spice blend!

Chicken Heart (P79) – Grilled chicken heart marinated in their secret spice blend. This was something new to try. It’s our first time to have chicken heart and we never thought of having this grilled and bare right in front of our eyes. Eeeek! But it was actually pretty tasty. It’s like eating a pork tocino and overcooked pork barbeque but loaded with flavors.

Japanese Pork Belly (P99) – Sesame miso-glazed pork belly coated with nori powder. One of the foods we saved the last bite. It was perfect with the Yakitoki sauce.

Szechuan Pork (P79) – Charbroiled boneless pork marinated in Szechuan peppercorns and  Chinese five spice. Same blend with the chicken, this was their pork version. Though for this, it was recommended to have it dipped on either their Peanut sauce or Salted Egg sauce.

Phatchick’s Shrimp Meatballs (P119) – Chinese-style homemade minced shrimp balls. 9 pieces of heavenly goodness! These soft balls were our favorite, and we did save the best for last, we left the last pieces ’til the end of our dinner.

Beef Salpicao (P119) – Beef tenderloin in Filipino salpicao marinade with butter and garlic. Okay our bad, this was not the actual serving of the salpicao. It was a two-tier dish with chunks of beef and the sauce was torched on top. But yeah, we got so excited on this one we forgot to take a photo! Lol. We only remembered to capture this when we’re already close to finishing. Oooops.

Pad Thai (P359) – Stir-fried rice noodles with local fresh prawns, fried tofu and bean sprouts, wrapped in a beautiful egg omelette. Bringing in the best of Thailand has to offer, Skewered also puts in the classic Pad Thai on their menu. The serving was good for sharing. And yes, it was wrapped beautifully in that omelette, plumping in more volume to the dish.

Iced Matcha Green Milk Tea (P119) – Perfectly balanced, creamy, tasty, and slightly sweet matcha milk tea. The taste of jasmine was quite overpowering which was actually good as we got to taste something new to our palate. It is not recommended for matcha purists as this one is already a fusion of flavors.

Iced Thai Milk Tea (P119) – Creamy Thai milk tea with a touch of sweetness. Now this. is. milk. tea! We love the blend and the earthy vibe of the drink. We actually adore this more than the first one. And if it wasn’t because of our exploding tummies at that moment, we still wanted more.

Queen of Laguna Bay (P199) – White rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice. We can say this has the perfect blend. We can identify the rum but it wasn’t that distinct thanks to the coconut cream. It was a smooth and feel good drink that’s a must-order-another.

Rum Fix (P199) – Light rum, curacao, fresh calamansi juice. This was a bolder option for a cocktail. We can taste the rum distinctly, a proof that they did not put just a little alcohol in it, unlike in other bars where the proportion of the alcohol to the juice was very little.

Engkanto Craft Lager (P129) – Well-balanced, flavorful locally brewed craft beer. This one’s slightly sweet but rich and crisp, perfect for long date night conversations.

Engkanto Craft Double IPA (P188) – Strong and flavorful, but not bitter locally brewed craft beer. Still smooth and silky, this one has a stronger flavor and a stronger alcohol content.

Value for money: You’ll get more than what you pay for. Their foods and drinks were reasonably priced, others were cheaply priced actually, considering the quality of the foods they serve. And oh, with that ambience, it sure is worth the visit and every penny spent.

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Skewered: A Little Bit of Your Favorite Asian Country in Every Stick

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