Sarsa Kitchen + Bar – ❤❤❤??

?Sarsa Kitchen + Bar  – ❤❤❤??

?Legaspi Village, Makati City

?Date for Two: Sarsa Chicken BBQ, Chicken Isaw, Special Sarsa Batchoy, Steamed White Rice

?Total: P825


This Valentine’s day, we decided to reserve a table at Sarsa. This restaurant is consistently visible in the social media world, focusing on promoting our very own cuisine. As both of our offices are in Makati and vday fell on a weekday, we’ve tried their Legaspi branch after our work hours. So yes, dinner date it is.

We arrived there earlier than the usual dinner time, maybe around 6pm, to avoid the crowd that vday brings. We ordered three items from their menu (the usual we see in foodies’ posts), and rice, of course. Few minutes after, we were surprised our orders were already served. It’s so fast were worried if it’s a good thing or not. Let’s have a quick rundown of the items we had.

Sarsa Chicken BBQ (P250) – This one’s a boneless chicken, thigh part to be specific. Meat was very tender and juicy, and seemed really clean and fresh. The smell and taste of lemongrass was a bit overpowering but overall, we love the taste and how it’s well-cooked.

Sarsa Batchoy, Special (P285) – So they have two choices for their batchoy, the regular and special. Difference is the special has egg, bone marrow and bacon-cut liempo. Of course, we want the better one, we went for their special. It’s yummy, not too salty yet it’s flavorful and tasty. One huge downfall though, it was not served hot. We know we still got the time to take pictures but it was just literally few minutes after the foods were served.

Isaw, Chicken (P185) – this isaw is famous for their ‘clean’ version as it was sliced open compared to the usual ones found in the streets. This is a good innovation on our very own street food. However, the taste was compromised already. It’s good in general but the isaw factor was already gone. Plus, 3 small sticks for the price was too much.

Actually, all of the items we got were not hot or warm anymore. Not sure if it’s because they have prepared it ahead of time in anticipation of the vday crowd (that’s why the foods arrived so fast) or they have cooked it really really fast. Anyway, perhaps it should have been better if we have visited on a regular day.

Value for money: Too pricey for the foods we got. We have to compliment the place though, it’s really nice – the interior is dainty and sophisticated.

#DateForTwo at Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

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Sarsa Kitchen + Bar – ❤❤❤??

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