Santiago’s Cafe: Cozy and Picture-Worthy Coffee Shop in Mandaluyong

Pink, Pink, and more Pink!

?Santiago’s Cafe?

?San Rafael Street, Plainview, Mandaluyong City

Ladies, time to get your IG boyfie moving and head out to Santiago’s Cafe, a hidden coffee shop tucked inside Brgy. Plainview in Mandaluyong. It’s a small humble cafe beside Black Maria Cinema that offers local coffees and sumptuous grubs. Brace yourselves to seeing pink and flamingos, and more pink, and more flamingos! Let’s have a quick tour.

Got what we meant? Haha! Flamingos wallpaper, pink wall, pink light, pink mugs and plates – this is, so far, the prettiest cafe we’ve ever been to. Everything about here is so dainty, and well-designed and planned.

Look at these very fab and eco-friendly paper straws! Perfect, isn’t it?

Sorry not sorry for posting this – even their comfort room is TDF! Bathroom goals, yeah?

To compliment the quality ambience for every visit, they serve an equally gorj (and yummy!) foods and drinks to make the day more interesting.

Dirty Matcha Milkshake (P180) – No, it’s really not dirty, duh! Haha! It’s just matcha milkshake with a dose of coffee, making the coffee the dirt factor. Lol. We cannot feel the matcha flavor here though. The ice cream was too distinct. It was better if they added more matcha powder.

Sarah’s Milkshake (P195) – Not fond of fruit-flavored milkshakes but we’ve loved this blueberry cheesecake-flavored milkshake. It was so creamy and tasted just right, not too sour and not too sweet.

Santi’s Milkshake (P180) – For those who’d want to go beyond their hot and iced coffee orders, they have Santi’s milkshake, a coffee-infused drink to pave away the heat.

Dirty Matcha Signature Latte (P150) – The hot version of Dirty Matcha, this coffee-infused matcha latte was not to be missed. This one’s more concentrated than the milkshake, so all the flavors here were so bold and distinct.

Nutty Butter Signature Latte (P150) – This latte leaned towards the sweet side, with the butter standing out as its overpowering taste.

Ginger Signature Latte (P140) – One of their best sellers, this latte has a light kick of ginger unfolding upon every sip. The coffee in general was not too strong but the added flavor gave it more life than any other.

Beef, Red Onion, Cheddar Panini (P175) – Our personal favorite, this beef panini was loaded with lots of meat. The onions added the bold yet sweet flavor, served with some light yet salty sweet chips that we can’t stop munching.

Bacon Express Panini (P165) – Perfect for those who’d prefer bread over rice, this quick grub can satisfy those bacon cravings. And yes, with those tasty chips, too!

Adobo con Tsokolate (P190) – Revisit your adventurous soul when trying this chocolate-flavored Adobo. The meat was so tender and the tasted something new and different, in a good kind of way, served on the side with tomatoes and egg strips.

All Day Breakfast (P250) – Why the need to go to the famous American breakfast joints when Santiago’s Cafe offers the same at an affordable price. The platter was packed with a generous amount of bacon, two eggs, one longganisa and two sausages. Talk about heavy breakfast!

Bacon Truffle Pasta (P220) – We can never go wrong with truffle and bacon! Imagine two crowd favorites both present in one single dish. And for the price, it’s definitely a steal. We’ll be back for this over and over.

Chicken Parmigiana Pasta (P180) – We love the cheesy finish on top. However, we find the pasta a bit dry as a whole. The chicken was just okay and was made better by the cheese.

After these foods and drinks, why not head over the Black Maria Cinema as well? They usually offer indie films that are not available in local cinemas anymore.

Ready to go to Mandaluyong now? Don’t forget to prepare your OOTD as you’ll be taking lots of photos, for sure!

Value for money: Worth it!!!

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Santiago’s Cafe: Cozy and Picture-Worthy Coffee Shop in Mandaluyong

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