Sagana French Bistro: French Cuisine Supporting Local Filipino Produce

French cuisine making a way using our very own local produce!

? Sagana – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

? Net One Center, BGC, Taguig City


Sagana French Bistro, formerly Sagana Epicerie and Bistro, is an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the busy Bonifacio Global City. Who would’ve thought that Net One Building has a portal to classy and luxurious fine dining restaurant on its ground floor. A champion of farm-to family ideology for local produce, this restaurant extends their support for our local farmers while producing the best of French cuisine has to offer.

A shortage of ingredients isn’t possible for Sagana, as they still have a lot of bandwidth to even sell wines and plenty of local produce for customers to have their hand on what our local farmers have been giving their life and dedication. We even spotted Hineleban’s Adlai, our favorite rice substitute!

Very neat and with a little hint of garden-inspired interior make up the whole restaurant, with some few leaves draping from the ceiling.

Sagana French Bistro prides itself a French Restaurant that promotes and uses the best quality, locally sourced produce while remaining true to the traditions and authenticity of French Cooking.

Creamed Stewed Mushrooms & Smoked Bacon (P580) – lightly creamed stewed mushroom with fresh parsleys, mixed with diced smoken bacon, with a garden salad on the side. This one a light appetizer yet very tasty and healthy.

Fried Adlai, Vegetable & Parmesan Croquettes (P360) – deep-fried croquette with adlai, veggies, and Parmesan, that sits on a bed of garlic cream – golden brown crispy on the outside yet creamy and soft on the inside. The adlai itself is very heavy already, one piece of croquette is already satisfyingly filling.

Homemade Duck Foie Gras Terrine (P1100) – an exquisite huge chunk of duck liver (smaller size than goose’s), surrounded by bread and lettuce. We can’t get enough of this one! The taste is just exotic and plainly delicate, it’s quite odd but we love it!

Fresh Salmon Carpaccio (P620) – this is a delicious way to start the meal – thinly sliced fresh salmon meats with generous amount of scattered arugula and Parmesan cheese, all lightly drenched in a zesty marinade.

Gratinated French Onion Soup (P450) – our night has started to warm up with this deeply savory French onion soup with cascading Emmental cheese over the side for that crusty finish.

Prawn Bisque (P430) – thick, smooth, and fantastic creamy prawn bisque with cheese, seafood and Parmesan cheese on the side.

Creamy Blue Cheese & Mushroom Linguini with Smoked Eggplant (P580) – from the looks of this pasta dish, it’s like the ordinary carbonara topped smoked eggplant. Nah ah, this powerful dish delivers tons of flavors, mostly coming from the blue cheese on a right medley with mushrooms and cream.

Creamy Blue Cheese & Mushroom Linguini with Smoked Bacon (P580) – same with the above but with bacons instead. Need we say more? It’s bacon everybody! Nothing can go wrong, right?

Crispy Homemade Duck Confit (P1350) – a petite crisy fried duck, with greens and potatoes on the side. The duck is tender, moist, and flavorful, more so if with a small glide of mushroom sauce on each slice.

Beef Brisket Bourguignon Style (P980) – a worldwide favorite beef brisket braised in red wine mixed together with smoked bacon and mushroom sauce, served with garden salad and a bed of creamy mashed potato on the side.

Buttered Seared US Wagyu Beef Onglet (P1125) – a hefty serving of US Wagyu beef hanger steak, with generous portion of chunky fries and salad on the side. This was a special treat for us. The meat is extremely tender and with a very bold beefy taste.

Norwegian Salmon Steak (P860) – lightly grilled salmon steak on top of a whole baked eggplant drowning in a creamy sauce. This is a healthier option at the table, not to mention that this fish is of high quality of origin.

Coq-au-Vin (P880) – generous number of chopped chicken marinated and braised in red wine, mushroom, onion, and smoked bacon sauce. This one comes with a plate of chunky fries.

Time for luscious desserts!

Buttered Dark Davao Chocolate Mousse (P340) – intense chocolate flavor featuring our local cacao produce meddled in a smooth and fluffy mousse, with a folded delicate and crisp dentelle biscuit on the side, drizzled with thick chocolate sauce.

Le Nancy (P340) – decadent and rich flourless dark chocolate cake, topped with Chantilly cream (whipped cream infused with vanilla extract) and drizzled with a thick almond gateau sauce.

Fresh Strawberry Sherbet (P190) – a little bit of summer in a cup, this light homemade dessert is a mixture of fresh strawberries, milk, and sugar.

Palawan Honey & Coconut Ice Cream (P220) – homemade with toasted coconut, Chantilly Cream , drizzled with dark chocolate sauce.

Value for money: Worth it! We wish this is somehow near our home or office so we can dine here frequently. Besides, they’re on Zomato Gold so 1+1 on food. Be a member now! Get 20% off your Zomato Gold Membership using our code: DATEFOX

#DateForTwo at Sagana French Bistro

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Sagana French Bistro: French Cuisine Supporting Local Filipino Produce

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