Privato: Art Deco Hotel in Pasig

?Privato Hotel – ❤️❤️❤️❤️?
?Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City

?Date for Two: One Bedroom Suite with Massage

?Total: P4850

Overall: For a quick December holiday staycation, we went to Privato – a modern budget boutique hotel within the metro.

It is conveniently located at Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City. If you are familiar with the Kapitolyo area, then there’s it. Their huge signage at the top of the building is hardly not to notice. Facade is good, considering Shaw Blvd looks really, really busy. So first impression of this hotel is a-okay.

At the entrance, we were warmly welcomed by four hotel staffs. Not sure why there was such a number guarding the door, not familiar with how this works but anyway, it was fine as they’re all friendly and offered to assist us with our bags, which we kindly rejected as we’re only carrying stuffs just for one night. So yeah, we can manage.

This is the hotel lobby’s main signage, from here we were introduced to their signature wall design, and it’s practically anywhere at this hotel.

Our stay is perfect for Christmas vibe! They added a nice sophisticated touch of ornaments that compliments their theme.

This is their front desk and waiting area. It’s quite spacious, and their couches are perfectly comfy, and we utilized those couches for too long. Waiting time before getting checked-in took around 30 minutes. Maybe because of one complaining customer took a lot of their time (which we judged it was the customer’s fault, lol). Anyway, we let that one pass.

While we’re waiting, we found this complimentary lemon water at the waiting area so we took a glass. Not bad. After around 30 minutes, we already got our key cards. We’re glad they already handed two key cards, as other hotels only give one and will just wait for you to request for an extra. Now, time to go up to our room!

We booked a One Bedroom Suite with Massage. We think this one’s the biggest room on the floor our room’s located (as seen in their emergency exit layout). This is the elevator hallway at the 8th floor. It’s full of mirrors which is perfect for claustrophobes like we are. Also, hallways are not air-conditioned.

We know for a fact that we booked a large room but we didn’t expect it to be this HUGE!  If we have a condominium with this much of area, we’re sure we’re never leaving home again. Lol, kidding. But seriously guys, it’s a lot of space. We were overwhelmed.

The living and dining area was just so refreshing. The natural light helped a lot on making the room more homey, and comfy. They also have magazines for some good reads. And of course, a cable TV.

We got our small kitchen, too! It was loaded with the basics: bottled water, water heater, cups and coffees. A bit sad there was no tea though.

Look at that bedroom! Gaaah it’s so huge we can even cartwheel thrice or bring in the entire family bloodline! Lol. It’s a minimalist room with their signature design, another cable TV, another aircon unit, and lots of lamps.

As expected from our booking, we got a nice, huge King bed. We love everything in and around it – the sheets, lots of pillows. And plus points for the good number of power outlets. We got to charge all our gadgets and laptops at the same time. And speaking of gadgets, they have a fast and reliable WI-Fi connection. We didn’t encounter any connection problems throughout our stay.

We appreciated this personalized welcome letter, and a little gift boxed in a metallic chic packaging. It’s so cute we didn’t even consume it right away and we brought it home so we can personally show it to the family. Haha.

On the other side of the bedroom, there was a cabinet, electronic safe, shoe rack (with free disposable slippers), comfort room entrance, hair dryer, telephone, vanity mirror, lamp shade, and a table for work/make-up session.

As mentioned a while ago, the bedroom has another cable TV. Something’s a bit funny though, the remote control for both TVs seems to be working for any. So when we’re watching different channels for each TV and one of us switched to anew channel, the other TV switched too! Haha! Anyway, we figured out the spot  on where to use the remote without bugging the other TV. Lol.

Look at this huge comfort room! We’re so happy for the two sinks and two doors as we got to do our own stuff without bumping into each other. Lol. The got the basics here – towels, mats, toothbrush, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, vanity kit,shaving kit and soap. We love the rainfall shower as well.

Our package came with a massage for two. This is regularly priced at P600/each/hour. Upon check-in, the front desk staff informed us that we need to give our preferred schedule for the massage. As we’re too excited on this, we scheduled it at 4:30 p.m. We were asked if we wanted it done in our room, or at their spa room. Of course, as we don’t want to ruin our perfectly done bed (yet, lol), we asked to be scheduled in their spa room. At exactly 4:30 p.m., our therapists came at our room to pick us up and led us to the spa room, which is conveniently located at our floor. Nice!

This is the Spa Room. It’s clean and comfy and the music was very relaxing. The room is as the same size of our bedroom so it’s spacious and we can freely move around.

On the side, the room has its small cabinet and a table full of oils and spa essentials. Not sure what kind of massage we booked though, but it does not involve any of these materials, just the oil.

The room has only two spa beds, so privacy for a date for two is guaranteed. The masseuse asked us to prepare already. They dimmed the lights and our massage started. It was a great one-hour massage, probably the best one we’ve had. We even gave them huge tips (which we usually don’t, lol sorry!). Until the next day, we cannot stop talking about how good we felt (especially our backs due to our 8-hr office jobs) after the massage. We love our room but this one’s the highlight our of stay.

Here are Privato Hotel’s other facilities:

Most of their amenities are located at the rooftop (23rd floor). Verona Roof Deck Bar is one of them. It is open from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.

This bar offers a stunning view of Pasig area. Best to visit at night. We regret not having a bottle of beer here at night (as we need to attend to an event the next day, we need to wake up early). Anyway, there’s still a next time.

On the other side of Verona is Privato’s Pool and Gym. Of all their amenities, these are only accessible exclusively to hotel guests.

The pool might not be the biggest in the metro but it sure is fine – especially for those people who requires pool for their staycations. This one looks shallow so we didn’t bother to dip in. We stayed for while though to enjoy the good view. We think this one’s perfect for couples with little kiddos.

On to the gym! It’s surprisingly complete with the basics, and spacious too! The gym comes with free water so all you have to bring is yourself.

They also have a little cafe beside the front desk. They did not have the vast choices to cookies and cakes, but we can identify their cake supplier – and it’s our favorite! So quality over quantity is this cafe. It’s open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

This is where the hotel guests have their breakfast buffet. As we plan to leave the next day really early, we didn’t avail the buffet. But for your info, it is priced at P350/head. The Piazza Privato is open for breakfast as early as 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. and menu each day varies. Hotel guests may inquire from the restaurant for the menu of the day.

Btw, parking is free on a first come first serve basis. And visitors are only allowed until 10 p.m.

Value for money: Worth it!! We’ll definitely be back for another quick staycation.

Bonus: If you’re planning on booking a room with Privato for your next staycation, use our promo code: DATEFORTWO for a 10% off on Executive Twin/King Room. Book now!

#DateForTwo at Privato Hotel

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Privato: Art Deco Hotel in Pasig

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