Poke Shack: Serving Bowls Of Healthy Goodness

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? Poke Shack – ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

? Tera Tower, Bridgetown Business Center, Libis Quezon City


Poke bowls have been making waves in the Filipino food world. An original food staple from Hawaii, these bowls works wonders as it’s a healthier option to fast food packed with protein and nutrients. We bet you are asking the same question as we have, how do we pronounce Poke? At some time, we thought it was pronounced as ‘pow-key’ but it’s actually pronounced as ‘pow-kay’. Yep, sounds like O-K!

Poke Shack offers relatively budget-friendly poke bowls to the hustling and bustling Brigetown Business Center. Their little shack is well lighted, ventilated, and enough to fit a number of health-conscious patrons, with an area for customers to let out their love for poke.

The Shack Standard (P210) – raw tuna topped with ebiko and sesame seeds, with tempura flakes and white onion on the side, all on top of a bed of white rice. For those who wanted to switch the raw tuna to salmon, it’s an additional of P40 only. This is the most basic of all the bowls. If you are a poke purist, then this might be the best one to order as the flavor won’t overwhelm you like others with different twists.

Salmon Sriracha (P250) – raw salmon topped with ebiko and sesame seeds, with tempura flakes and white onion on the side, all on top of a bed of white rice, drizzled with sriracha aioli. This bowl is one of our favorites because of salmon and the spicy sriracha flavor. The large bowl has too many rice under it so maybe best to order extra salmon. Still, we’ll order this next time.

Juan-der Bowl (P110, small bowl) – raw tuna, celery, sliced salted egg, pickled red radish, salsa, sprinkled with spring onions and sesame seeds, on top of white rice. This is a pinoy version of poke. The salted egg topping says it all!

Santorini Sharwarma (P150, small bowl) – Santorini chicken, shitake mushrooms, sliced cherry tomatoes, black olives, topped with black tobiko and spring onions, all on top of white rice.

Jeju Chicken (P110, small bowl) – Jeju fried chicken, cauliflower, broccolli, red onions, leeks, with sesame seeds on top, all on a bowl of white rice.

Chicharrones Zing (P130, small bowl) – pork chicharrones, salsa, pineapples, slices of salted egg on top sprinkled with sesame seeds and parsley, under a bowl of glass noodles.

Beefy Cheesy Machine (P150, small bowl) – Gangnam beef, corn kennels, sliced cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, white onions, topped with grated cheese and spring onions, all on a bowl of white rice. This bowl is another one of our favorites! The beef itself has a bold spicy flavor made better by the cheese. It really is beefy cheesy!

Chicken Skin (P50, small bowl) – a generous serving of chicken skin deep fried to perfection. Honestly speaking, this is a steal for just P50! We know that the street food version of this one is very cheap but considering the quality and cleanliness assurance, it’s worth the buck.

Crocutes (P100) – kani and cheese rolled and deep fried until golden brown. Also available at a spam and cheese variant if you’re not into seafood.

Salad Chips (P50) – if you love munching lots of kangkong chips, then you’ll love this! Who would’ve thought that lettuce can be done like that as well?

Make Your Own – this option is very much available for those who wanted to customize their own poke bowls. The possibilities are endless! Here’s a rundown of all the steps. Easy!

  1. Choose A Base (choose 1, or half half) – rice, lettuce, or noodles
  2. Choose Your Protein (choose 1, price depends on the meat) – Seoul chicken, Santorini chicken, Jeju fried chicken, pork chicharrones, Petronas porkloin, salmon, tuna, Gangnam beef, or Persian beef.
  3. Choose Your Sauce (choose 1, any additional is P25) – aioli, bonchon sauce, chimichurri, poke classic, curry, teriyaki, ponzu, salsa, sweet vinaigrette, sriracha aioli, salted egg, or satay.
  4. Add Toppings (choose 6, any additional is P20) – kani, ebiko, black tobiko, corn kennel, boiled egg, black olives, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomato, mango, grapes, pineapple, Japanese cucumber, white onion, red onion, pickled pipino, pickled chili, pickled red radish, red egg, shitake mushroom, mushroom enoki, tofu, togue, pork floss, or jalapeno.
  5. Add More Toppings (free of charge) – tempura flakes, cashew nuts, celery, cilantro, furikake, leeks, parsley, seaweed, sesame seed, and spring onion.

Value for money: Worth it!

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Poke Shack: Serving Bowls Of Healthy Goodness

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