Old Swiss Inn: Scamorza Cheese Fondue’s Smoky Goodness

Smokin’ amazing!

? Old Swiss Inn – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

? Somerset Olympia Hotel, Makati City

? Total: P1100


Since the 1940’s, Old Swiss Inn has been prized for this authentic Swiss and European cuisine. They have developed a loyal clientele over the past 70 years, ranging from politicians, celebrities, expatriates, and other patrons wanting a taste of Swiss cuisine.

We’ve tried a handful of dishes from Old Swiss Inn already, and it’s still a delight to know they’re still offering something new – the Scamorza Cheese Fondue.

Scamorza Cheese Fondue (P1100) – Scamorza is an Italian semi-soft cheese, practically a sister of Mozzarella cheese. Old Swiss Inn’s Scamorza cheese was produced by Pinkie’s Farm, apple-smoked and seasoned with wine to perfection.

The fondue comes with a basket of homemade rye bread and sliced apples. We preferred dipping several rye bread slices first then a slice of apple to take away the bold taste. After all, the ratio of bread to apple is somehow 3:1. Perfect!

This is, so far, the tastiest cheese we’ve ever had. If the meat industry has bacon, then the cheese universe has Scamorza. The smoky goodness is just TDF. Mark your calendars, this Scamorza Fondue will be available at Old Swiss Inn starting this Sunday, February 10, 2019. No excuses, guys, ‘coz Old Swiss Inn is open 24/7. Yep. See you there!

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Value for money: Worth it!

#DateForTwo at Old Swiss Inn

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Old Swiss Inn: Scamorza Cheese Fondue’s Smoky Goodness

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