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Nha Em means My Home in Vietnamese.

?Nha Em

?SM Aura Premier, Taguig City

? Date for Two: Dau Hũ Chiên Trứng Muối (Salted Egg Tofu), Chả Giò (Fried Spring Rolls), and Phở Bò (Beef Noodle Soup)

? Total: P865

Located at the Sky Park of SM Aura Premier, this authentic Vietnamese restaurant opened its second branch of pure healthy choices and foods harmonized by only the freshest and natural ingredients.

As their name implies, the exterior and interior very much boasts a very homey atmosphere. Cozy up as we go further to our gastronomic journey.


We have to share this first – to be honest, we were actually not fond of Vietnamese food. It’s not everyday we get to try this type of cuisine. But we did, out of curiosity, around 2 years ago. It was not a good experience for us. The foods were all too bland, and the price was expensive for the taste and quality. Additional disappointment was that restaurant was patronized by a lot of Filipinos and has a lot of branches nationwide, so our expectations got high. And sadly, we never ever went back eating to any Vietnamese resto.

Dau Hũ Chiên Trứng Muối (P260) – With all these salted egg craze – salted egg added to almost any food, we’re actually tired and feeling meh to all of it. But this Salted Egg Tofu was just a deal breaker, and the pork floss toppings were the cherries on top. It was so good! We actually saw this dish to EVERY table around us. So yes, everyone was having it as it was that good.

Chả Giò (P245) – Another appetizer we’ve had were their fried spring rolls. It was pork and vegetables rolled in a net-textured wrap. They also have this special fish sauce, which was sourced from Vietnam. It was not the usual fish sauce we have here. It’s salty, yes, but it has a hint of sweetness. Sorry Philippines’ Patis, theirs is better. Hihi.

Phở Bò (P360) – A popular street food and comfort food in Vietnam, this beef noodle soup was the highlight of our sumptuous lunch. We were surprised how tasty this was compared to what we had 2 years ago. It was a transformation of our first impression to Pho. The beef was really tender and smooth, the noodles were so filling yet we actually wanted to other additional noodles as the soup can still accommodate the extra load.

Value for money: Definitely worth it! We felt the utmost comfort upon dining here. We also appreciated all the dishes were not enhanced by artificial food flavorings.

#DateForTwo at Nha Em

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Nha Em – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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