Mystery Manila: Solving The Mystery One Clue At A Time

? Mystery Manila – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

? Ayala Malls The 30th, Pasig City

? Date for Two: Mr. Moriarty

? Total: P1100


It’s both our first time to try an escape room game. And it didn’t disappoint. We’ve booked our slot online – it was a hassle-free transaction and scheduled our desired date and time. We picked Mr. Moriarty, a familiar character from Sherlock.

It is located at the cinema level of Ayala Malls The 30th, near Timezone and Vampire Penguin.

Here’s the hallway to Mystery Manila’s rooms. Plus, we’re eyeing on those sign boards and we’re hoping to use that ‘Mystery Solved’ piece. We’re definitely up for this challenge!

We went here super early so the leaderboard was still clean. But before, we saw this one with names of each group and their time spent to solve the mystery. Nice. Love the good competition.

Before anything else, we quickly registered using their tablet by filling out some basic details online.

After that, our gamekeeper started the orientation – what to do, game objectives, what nots, and some other things to remember to keep the game fun.

All set! Time to enter our room! So exciting!!!

Before the time officially started, we were shown a quick video specifically for the room itself. We were given details on who was Mr. Moriarty, what we need to solve and other stuffs that might be helpful on solving.

Our time has started, adventure’s now up! This is Mr. Moriarty’s office and he’s gone for the hour and we (Sherlock’s associates) would need to take advantage of this opportunity to search for the Mr. Moriarty’s ledger. The ledger contains all details to prove that he is the mastermind behind the series of terrorist attacks and murders.

Indeed, time is gold for this one! We’ve searched for clues, analyzed the codes and opened every possible storage for the ledger. We won’t be giving out any further details to not spoil you on your adventure. 😉

Some items are labeled with a hands off symbol, meaning that the item/s were not essential to touch for any clue.

With the help of several clues from our gamekeeper, it was a buzzer beater success! Yaayyyy! Mystery Solved!

Value for money: Worth it! It was a different experience for us, and glorifying too!

#DateForTwo at Mystery Manila

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Mystery Manila: Solving The Mystery One Clue At A Time

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