The Mind Museum: Brilliant Interactive Museum Experience

?The Mind Museum❤❤?

?Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

?Date for Two: All Day Pass (enter any time, no 3 hour limit)

?Total: P1500


We’ve been going in and out of Bonifacio Global City for movie dates, food crawls and of course, for late-night drinks. At most times, we always pass by The Mind Museum – so this time, we decided to go on a different kind of date. Shall we?

Located at the heart of BGC, this 2-story museum opened its doors in 2012, bringing science, history and innovation all under one roof. They also hold special traveling exhibitions like the one we saw during our visit, the Dinosaurs Around the World. You may check their website for updates on on-going special exhibitions.

Once we’ve secured our tickets at the ticket booth, we’ve entered the building. The information desk staffs were there at all times to guide and assist for any queries.

Here’s a quick overview of the vicinity. From here, we planned our game plan on this visit – what time to leave, what time to eat, and what time to go back. We have two all-day passes so we got a lot of time to spare. We can enter anytime, so we got to eat in the middle of our time, and be back anytime for as long as we want.

Aedi the robot welcomed us upon the start of our journey. Behind Aedi is the Ten Most Beautiful Experiments in the world, then a little further is the Hall of Philippine Science which showcased the science being done here in our country.

First Stop: The Universe Gallery. Our favorite gallery of all! We were fascinated by the presentation of each exhibit, explaining how life as we know it started in space.

The Universe Gallery hosts a mini planetarium called Space Shell, which holds shows every 30 minutes. This planetarium was really nice, complete with the latest technology and the comfiest reclined seats. We got sleepy, slept actually,  in the middle of the show, we just can’t resist the comfort and the darkness (whoopsie, haha!).

A pathway to the Earth Gallery was this tunnel craft exhibit, wherein we got to walk through it and experienced a dash of what it’s like to travel in space. It has a rotating printed cloth around it, which caused us dizziness (in a fun way). Incredible actually, it’s all in the mind – now we knew why there’s a railings in there, too prevent anyone from falling! Try it yourself 🙂

Second Stop: Earth Gallery. It features nature across the breadth of time. Their proud of having the very first permanent T-rex exhibit in the Philippines. It also features the elements that made up our home planet.

The Earth Gallery hosts the Nature’s Hourglass, a 3D theater that showcases animated films about the Earth. This one has shows every 15 minutes.

Third Stop: Life Gallery. This one focuses on the living things and organisms on our planet in all its forms and habitats.


Look how beautiful this gallery is! Throughout the entire journey, expect touch-screen modules, buttons and interactive prototypes.

Next Stop: Atom Gallery. Per their website, this has the most number of interactive exhibits. Everyone loves this place, it’s the most packed area. We even have to wait for our turn.

Almost done with all. Time to proceed to the next!

We’re on our way to the second level, and The Mind Museum does not do ordinary, even their stairs are interactive! Climbing up the stairs made fun! It’s a life-sized piano with matching note sound per stair level. Super enjoy!

Or, if you’re too tired to climb the stairs, they have a functional escalator with fun facts in the middle. Clearly, they do not waste any space for learning. Awesome.

Last Gallery: The Technology Gallery. This one’s the largest gallery as it occupies the entire second floor of the museum. It is a good showcase of the human capabilities and on how we thrive to become better over the years. This part is divided into five major themes: How We Live, Who We Are, How We Know, How Things Work, and Here to There.

All-day Passes includes an unlimited time at Science-in-the-Park. At first look, it looks like a mere playground for children. But looking further, every part has its own purpose and scientific explanation.

We enjoyed this huge bubble maker! We’re a bit jealous of the kids nailing this like a pro, most of ours were a failure. Haha!

Living up to their mission, The Mind Museum definitely provided an extraordinary educational experience that inspired us to understand nature. Plus, it gave us an extraordinary date adventure that’s one for the books. Hope in the near future, we can go back here with our (future) kiddies. Hihi.

Value for Money: For a unique and educational date experience, it’s worth it. For those who think can finish the visit in 3 hours, they have a cheaper option which is the Three-Hour Time Slot. And oh, discounts are given to children, private school students, and further discounts on public school students, and teachers in all sectors.

And btw, every paid visit to The Mind Museum supports the foundation’s efforts to continue to make science come alive all over the country. Aside from their interactive galleries, they also have fun events, educational programs, and from time to time, have traveling exhibitions. Anyone can also donate to further support their mission. Check out the The Mind Museum website for more info and book your visit now.

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The Mind Museum: Brilliant Interactive Museum Experience

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