Midas Cafe: Serene Choice for Lunch Buffet

Modern interiors, freshest foods and the yummiest desserts.

?Midas Cafe❤️❤️❤️❤️?
?Midas Hotel and Casino, Pasay City

?Date for Two: Lunch Buffet

?Total: P2088

Overall: For our anniversary, we tried this buffet at Midas Cafe, a meticulously designed restaurant at Midas Hotel and Casino.

We booked our date via Eatigo and picked a time that offers 50% the total bill. Our time booked is 11:30 am. We arrived at the hotel a bit earlier, around 11 am, so we still got the chance to roam around. Once we’ve entered the restaurant, we were directed to this part and seated beside the window. Since the foods are not yet ready, we had a quick tour of the resto.

They have this part where groups can be seated on big round tables. This area is the most occupied one on our visit. There are the a lot of groups coming in and out, mostly corporate people.

For small groups, there’s our place earlier and this part where natural light is all over. We find this area too bright so our table area is better.

Yey for unlimited beer and wine! We didn’t avail this since we still have a long day to go but seeing the choices of wine they have, it sure is worth the five hundred.

Love this colorful play area for kids! Though we didn’t see any kids that time utilizing this, we’re pretty sure this one’s a good distraction for the little kiddos while mommy and daddy are getting some good foods.

Holiday vibe is in the air! Colorful ginger bread towers and houses are all over the place for your eyes only – not for consumption, of course. Haha.

Bread StationSet up looks simple. Choices are not that much though people are skipping this part to avoid carbo loading and filling up their tummies so fast.

Salad StationDIY and ready-made salads are available at this station. Basic dressings and veggies are here to kick start the buffet journey.

Cheese StationNot the grandest cheese station but it’s a sure way to warm up the palate. Pair it with dried fruits and you’re good to go.

Some of their cold cuts and apetizers. We love the one with the salmon! So creamy and tasty!

Salami Cone, Bruschetta The salami paired with olive is one great combination. Bruschetta is good too, the cheese on top is perf!

Bacon Wrapped PicklesHaven’t tried this one because of the pickles. Haha. How we wish the inside is either asparagus or enoki mushroom instead.

Salmon Cream Cheese RollThe star of all apetizers, it’s just so yummy! Came back for this for several rounds. Haha. The nori wrap is astoundingly good and the pesto sauce is the perfect match.

Nachos and Fries– We actually don’t have any plan to get any Nachos or Fries as these will stuff us faster. But upon seeing the cheesy fondue, we changed our minds in a heartbeat. Lol. The cheese is not that thick though, but it’s still okay.

Kaktugi and Mat KimchiTried only the classic Mat Kimchi. It’s fine but the cheap ones on Korean restos are better.

Sushi Station – A bit sad for the little variety of sushis and maki. Was expecting Tamago too! Huhu. Anyhow, it’s a good thing they have salmon. It made our day better.

Assorted Maki – This is labeled as assorted but seeing from here, we can identify these as pure California Makis covered in different types of roes. Not sure though, corrections are very much welcome.

Sake Sushi – The gem of the station. We’re wondering there isn’t salmon sashimi since they have this. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed this and kept coming back multiple times. Haha. Towards our ‘full tummy’ state, we even cheated and just ate the salmon and just let go of the rice. Hihi.

Carving Station– So there’s this whole slab of rib that gets everyone’s attention. There are two sauces available, mushroom and red wine sauce. You may also opt to have it garnished with pommery and horseradish. Hashbrown on the side is also available for a perfect pairing with the steak.

Roasted Prime Rib – Slices are done per request. The station chef is right there all the time to assist anyone who wishes a slice or two.

Grill Station– Fresh beef, pork, chicken and sea foods are all for cooking! Not by the customers though, but by their chefs. They have a vast choices on how you want your meats to be cooked. From grilled to stewed to baked, they have it.

Colorful Kebabs! We tried this all and the beef stood out. The sticks displayed might seem a little less than it should but we have to compliment how fast they refill each plate.

Salmon Head and Belly; and Mussels. Look at those! The freshest catch we’ve seen 🙂

Some veggies for cooking too. Add your desired veggies on your meat plate and go to the cooking area. The line may tend to go longer at this station. And be prepared to wait for much longer for the finished product.

We got our cooked food around 15 minutes after we got it lined up at the cooking station. We had the kebabs and pork belly grilled. Then for the mussels, we had it baked with cheese and garlic.

For the salmon and shrimp, we had it cooked as Seafood Sinigang. The broth is yummmmm!

Beef Fried Rice– If at this point, you’re still not full, then the following dishes are all for your consumption.

Steamed Fish

Love this dish. Would still want to get another portion of dish but nahh, it will just make us fuller. Haha.

Sweet and Sour Pork 

Roasted Chicken

Ampalaya with Pork 

Beef Pot Roast

Our personal favorite! The beef is melting on our mouths and the sauce is divine!

Below are some stations we didn’t get to try because our tummies are already exploding. Haha!

Soup Station

Mongolian Station

Halo Halo Station

Drinks Station– Iced Teas in different flavors, with your choice of toppings. They also have coffee and other juices on the side.

Below are some of their desserts:

We haven’t tried these eye candies as we’re reserving our room for dessert for a specific station. This is our last station to visit.

Crepe Station– Fruits, nuts and chocolates are the heart of this station. An accommodating chef will prepare your customized crepe, just choose what’s inside, toppings and ice cream flavor, if you want it a la mode.

Our pick – Chocolate Chip Crepe with Cookies and Cream Ice Cream and Pistachio toppings. This is looooooveee!!

Midas Cafe might not have the most choices of foods and number of stations but it’s a good place when you just want a peaceful buffet. There’s no pressure on eating as the resto is not crowded at all and the spaces for each table is good enough to enjoy privacy. This cafe is a perfect example of quality over quantity type of buffet 🙂

Value for money: Since we didn’t pay for the full price, it’s worth it!

We booked via Eatigo and selected a time and date that offers 50% off the total bill. You may sign up here and book your date, too!

A sweet treat, from us and Eatigo, when you sign up and book using our link or referral code: DATEFORTWO, get a P150 Gift Certificate of your choice from one of Eatigo’s restaurant-partners! So you’ll get this GC on top of the 50% discount. This one’s a steal!

#DateForTwo at Midas Cafe

Note: Actual prices and details might change without prior notice. Price posted does not include discounts and other charges, unless stated otherwise. Photos are all owned and captured by the page owners.

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Midas Cafe: Serene Choice for Lunch Buffet

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