Korean Cultural Center: Makgeolli Making Workshop

?Korean Cultural Center Philippines – ❤❤❤
?Mancor Corporate Center, Taguig City

?Date for Two: Makgeolli (Rice Wine) Making Workshop

?Total: Free from Korean Sool Exhibit


We were thrilled to be part of Korean Cultural Center (KCC) Korean Sool Exbihit‘s opening day. As part of the program, we got to experience two workshops, one was this, the Makgeolli Making Workshop and the other one was the Hangwa Making Workshop.

From time to time, according to their website, the Center organizes Korean Culture Caravans in different universities and institutions with the aim of immersing more Filipinos in Korean Culture. The Culture Caravan usually includes cultural performances, film screening, food tasting, book exhibit, K-Tourism photo exhibits, Korean traditional games, and Hanbok-wearing. This time, they now feature their very own traditional liquor– Korean Sool.

After the exhibit tour, we went back to their Korean Wave hall to experience and make our very own Korean Sool. Again, we have Jisung Chun as the instructor. She walked us through each step and let us do it ourselves afterwards.

The table was already set up with all the ingredients needed. We are all set!

Steamed Rice – yep, steamed! This is not cooked via our usual rice cooker of boiled in a pot over a stove, but steamed.

Nuruk – or simply Korean yeast. Per Jisung Chun, this is the ‘magic ingredient’ to bring wonders from that simple rice to an all aromatic Makgeolli. Let’s start!

So basically, we just combined all the ingredients – rice, then nuruk, then water.

After that, just mix and squeeze the rice to break down huge chunks.

Then done! It’s so simple right? We have to loosely closed the lid for 3 days, and on the 4th day, tighten it up and wait for another 7 days, or 5 days more for a less sweet concentrate. Inspired now to make your own? It’s so easy so go on and try it!

Still want to learn more on their delicacies? KCC offers culinary classes at just P400 per session (2.5 hours ftw)! We are so in! Two dishes per session will be taught so we think this one’s a good deal. Interested too? View details here.

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Korean Cultural Center: Makgeolli Making Workshop

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