Long Time Ago: Jurassic Decors, Modern Grill Experience

While walking or driving along P. Burgos street in Makati, you wouldn’t miss the chance to see this towering restaurant with an epic huge dinosaur bones as their wall decor. Long Time Ago houses authentic Szechuan cuisine, a franchise all the way from China with over 300 branches to date. This is their first branch in the Philippines, hopefully for more branches to come.

?Long Time Ago – ❤️❤️❤️❤️?
?Poblaction, Makati City

?Date for Two: Various Grilled Meats and Mushrooms, Drinks

?Total: P797


Good thing we have scourged a great deal at Metrodeal. Paid around P600 for P1000 worth of food and drinks. So now, the food journey begins. Let’s dig in to Long Time Ago.

This is where they hold customers before leading to their respective tables. We arrived there a bit early for the night so we were delighted to be seated right away.

Diners will have enough space and privacy as their tables are designed with quite good divisions. Each table can seat 8 persons comfortably. So if you’re a group of 2-4, be ready to share the area.

Love every single detail of their decorations – textured walls, colorful flags of all countries, tikis, brightly-lighted tables, chinese characters are some of them.

We need to pass the night without a beer in the meantime – we need to focus on collecting stickers (Hello, planner season! Haha!) so we have already plans on going to a coffee shop after. Hihi. But we bet their beers go well with all the foods here, especially with the grilled ones. Noticed that their menu promotes more on Hoegaarden. Great choice of beer, Long Time Ago!

Seeing the set-up of their grill is a feast for the eyes. At that moment, we know we’re going to have a unique dining experience. We don’t know if it’s just us but were amazed with the automatic grilling! Haha! No need to manually twist the sticks. And this, in turn, produces an evenly-grilled barbeque. Coolness!

Here are the meats we’ve chosen (from left to right) and our comments for each:

Gizzard (2 pcs.) – P35 each: This one’s just okay, good but should have been better if the serving size is bigger.

Beef (2 pcs.) – P40 each: We got confused which one is the beef and which one is the lamb. Nonetheless, both are deliciously tasty and tender so we do not mind which is which. Lol.

Lamb (2 pcs.) – P58 each: Uhm, so there. Haha.

Fish Tofu – P48: Soft fish-flavored meat. This is more like the ones cooked in a hot pot resto. Love the taste – one of our personal favorites.

Bacon Roll – P68: These are enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon. We love this! We regret to have ordered just one stick. Haha! The bacon is perfect we should have ordered a lot more. We wished they put more enoki mushrooms though, it’s so thin! Looks malnourished. Lol. But this one’s worth the price. Other restos, Japanese restos mainly, offer this at a more expensive price.

Chicken Wings (2 pcs.) – P80 each: Talking about malnourished, this one’s not! Munched a volume of meat for this wings. They had us chose from different flavors (which we cannot recall all 3 or 4 or 5 choices) and we picked honey-glazed and soy garlic. Both are fine, we cannot actually identify the difference. Lol.

Chinese Sausage (shown on photo below) – P45: Looks and tastes like a normal chicken hotdog. It’s fine but we like the next one better.

Taiwan Sausage (shown on the last photo of this post) – P80: This teeny-tiny sausage is another personal favorite of ours. It’s so tender and the flavor bursts in every bite.

Once a meat is cooked, it will be placed on the railings on top of the grill, ready to be eaten.

Would you believe this big plate of mushroom is just P80? Yup, we were surprised too. When we saw this in the menu, we thought that the mushroom is on a stick as well. We didn’t expect that it’s a big plate. Yay! And we’ve ordered two of them. My oh my, how to eat this all? Haha! The above plate is their Oyster Mushroom. This one’s the better option for the mushroom if you’re not fan of spicy food. This is more tasty too as there are a lot of garlic.

Their Golden Mushroom is for those who can brave the spicy flavor. This one’s the culprit for filling us so fast. It’s so heavy on the tummy! Love the texture of the mushroom as well as this one’s smoother than the Oyster Mushroom.

Every table has a pre-arranged plates and sauces. But take note, the sauces aren’t free. This is P50 per set – not sure if we got this correctly: Red is the chili powder, Black is a liquid seasoning (forgot to figure out what it is, sorry!) and the white one is Garlic. Since everything’s so tasty already, we haven’t got the chance to consume these all. It’s a good thing we only opened one set.

All our orders in one photo. After grilling, we opted to have the charcoal taken out already as it dries our contact lenses. You may opt to have it kept though, or reduced, if you want keep your meats hot.

Overall, we had a good dinner. we’ll try their hot meals next time. Hope we can stand the spiciness of every dish as we’ve read that everything’s just so spicy! Haha.

Gotta commend their satisfactory customer service as well. We were well accommodated, all of the staffs are friendly and their manager is very hands-on when it comes to making sure everything’s perfectly settled for each table.

Value for money: We got a good promo so yes, for the experience, food quality, service and ambience, it’s worth it.

#DateForTwo at Long Time Ago

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Long Time Ago: Jurassic Decors, Modern Grill Experience

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