Hong Kong Noodles & Dimsum House: Level Up Your Chinese Fast Food

?Hong Kong Noodles and Dimsum House – ❤❤?
?Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City

?Date for Two: Giant Siomai, Giant Hakaw, Birthday Noodles, Yang Chow Rice, Salt and Pepper Spareribs, Acai Berry Milk Tea,Wintermelon Milk Tea

?Total: P1155


My previous work was somehow near this area so we usually pass by this restaurant for how many years now. Seeing from the outside, the place was not lighted properly so we never came to visit. Now that they have this fresh new look, we decided to give it a try.

Hong Kong Noodles and Dimsum House is owned by the same person who runs the chain of love hotels (if you know what we mean 😉 ) all over the metro. And we know you’ve already heard what’s good on that hotels? The food!!! We remembered ordering from those hotels when we have our company parties as it’s highly recommended by the Bosses.

Look at this. This one’s actually one of the cleanest fast food restaurant we’ve been to. The color pops were very pleasant to look at, too.

Okay so we need to show first what’s the most important news for us, Filipinos – they’re on unlimited rice, you guys! Not just plain rice, but also their Yang Chow rice. Oh yes! So just order anything with rice – rice toppings, rice platters, set meals, any meal with rice – and it’s automatically free flowing to your tummy’s fulfillment. 🙂

House Tea – Free black tea, as expected. It tasted like the same tea as Hap Chan’s and Le Ching’s. This one’s free flowing so chug away.

Giant Siomai (P170) – Yes you got that right, it’s Giant! This one’s the first to captivate our eyes upon looking on their menu. The taste did not compromise despite the size. This one’s one of our favorite siomais now, it reminded us of the tastiest one we’ve had at Kemji Resort in Catanduanes. At P170, it might seem a bit expensive. But hey, a normal-sized siomai at a typical Chinese resto costs around 100-120 per order and considering this giant baby is around 3x larger than the usual, it’s still a steal.

Giant Hakaw (P190) – Another giant on the menu, we didn’t miss the chance to also try this. If we were not mistaken, there was more than 10 shrimps inside! Yay! Best to eat this first when it’s still steaming hot.

Birthday Noodles (P220) – A visit to a Chinese resto would not be complete without Birthday Noodles! We haven’t finished this all as the serving was huge. There were enough toppings to stuff us too quick. We love the authenticity of the flavor, we can tell that there’s minimal to no MSG used at all. Grannies and Titas would love this as the noodles were not overly tasty. Condiments on the side could be used though for any adjustment for soy sauce.

Yang Chow Rice (P150) – Since it’s unlimited rice, we took advantage of having Yang Chow instead of the plain one. It’s a dream come true! Haha! Unlimited Yang chow FTW! It’s always the perfect pair for any Chinese food. Also, the veggies, meats, and seafood ingredients were not compromised even if it’s unlimited and made for large  volumes.

Salt and Pepper Spareribs (P295) – This dish was something we usually order. We have this over and over so we already know the good ones. And to our surprise, this one can be added to the list, plus this one’s so cheaply-priced compared to others. This restaurant is living up to their mission of serving delicious Chinese food at an affordable price.

Milk Tea (P65 each) – There were three choices for their Milk Tea: Wintermelon, Chocolate and Acai Berry. We decided to try Wintermelon and Acai Berry. At the price of 65 pesos, we were not expecting anything spectacular. It’s good though, the Wintermelon was just enough and the Acai Berry was a good addition to the unique flavors we’ve tried for Milk Teas.

To date, Hong Kong Noodles and Dimsum House have been serving quality yet affordable Chinese foods to almost 10 branches in the metro.

Value for money: Worth it! We’re already planning our next visit to try out their other dishes, and to go back for their Giant Siomai and their unli rice, of course! ?

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Hong Kong Noodles & Dimsum House: Level Up Your Chinese Fast Food

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