Korean Cultural Center: Hangwa Making Workshop

?Korean Cultural Center Philippines – ❤❤❤
?Mancor Corporate Center, Taguig City

?Date for Two: Hangwa Making Workshop

?Total: Free from Korean Sool Exhibit


We were thrilled to be part of Korean Cultural Center (KCC) Korean Sool Exbihit‘s opening day. As part of the program, we got to experience two workshops, one was this, the Hangwa Making Workshop and the other one was the Makgeolli Making Workshop.

The workshop was held at their Cooking Classroom, large to enough to accommodate everyone who attended the opening. We think we were more than 20 persons at that time. The room was complete with all the necessities for cooking and washing, including a huge demo kitchen at front for the instructor.

All these were already prepared on each of our tables. Let’s have a quick rundown of the ingredients. The big bowls are the raw rice crispies, the green ones are pumpkin seeds, the yellow and pink ones are the flavorings, black ones are raisins, then sugar and ginger powder. And not on photo are the olive oil and syrup.

The heart of the workshop. We’re trying to make these bland babies into a very tasty Hangwa, or in layman’s term: confectionery, snack.

Jisung Chun of Soy and Rice, a Korean Cultural Ambassador, flew all the way to the Philippines from Korea to be part of this event. For this workshop, she spearheaded the class with a thorough demonstration of each step until the finished product. Afterwards, she gave us the freedom to do it ourselves. We are now ready to make our own!

On medium to high heat, we poured on the syrup in the pan. Everything needed to be done quickly to avoid burning the ingredients.

Next was the sugar, then the ginger powder afterwards. We brought it to a boil.

Then poured on the rice crispies. Added pumpkin seeds. For this batch, we preferred to have it without flavor so we didn’t put any powder. We added on the next batch though, the original one tasted better! 🙂

Then we stirred it quickly until the syrup was spread evenly throughout the crispies and finally took out the heat.

We transferred it right away to a board to keep it from burning from the heat of the pan.

And manually shaped it to any way we can! We definitely enjoyed this part, creative juices were all over the room.

Tadaaaa! Our finished product – what best to create? Date For Two, of course! 😉 We got to bring home a lot of left overs too, and we were asked to keep some for the rice wine tasting (as a snack to complement the wine). After this, we were led to their Korean Wave hall for the Korean Sool Opening Ceremony.

We loved the workshop! Or maybe just because of the food? Haha! Anyway, we got so curious on their other cooking classes. To our surprise, they offer culinary classes at just P400 per session (2.5 hours ftw)! We are so in! Two dishes per session will be taught so we think this one’s a good deal. Interested too? View details here.

#DateForTwo at Korean Cultural Center

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Korean Cultural Center: Hangwa Making Workshop

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