Grid X Griddle: Board Games and Good Grubs

Board game date? Why not!

? Grid X Griddle Gastrolounge and Gaming– ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

? The Hub, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City


We don’t know about you, but we love to put down our phones and just spend the entire day playing board games. Grid X Griddle (GxG) is the nearest board game cafe from our home, just across actually. So we’d definitely be a patron of this since we’ve first tried it now. It’s a humble loft located at The Hub, Greenfield, with a second floor fit for private game sessions, or a homey place for a quick grub.

GxG has a lot to offer when it comes to board game selections. They even have this limited-edition game called Scythe that everyone can play with. To our knowledge, Scythe isn’t usually available for play in most board games cafe. Instead, they are available for sale only due to the limited number of stocks produced. When it comes to food, GxG has a lot of choices – from soups to pizzas to all-day breakfast meals. Here are some grubs we’ve already tried:

Truffle Mushroom Soup (P170) – fragrant soup made with sauteed mushrooms in truffle and cream. The truffle flavor is very evident in this dish which is a plus for us, truffle lovers. We’re satisfied and will order this again soon.

GxG Fries (P270) – the owners’ love for Japanese food and fried made this dish into reality. Imagine the well-loved okonomiyaki and fries is its base. The bonito flakes and their special sauce made it worthwhile. This is one of our favorites here.

Calamari (P275) – deep-fried chopped giant salt and pepper squid served with bagoong aioli and vinegar. The squid is firm and chewy and not rubbery, so we guess it was cooked perfectly as how a calamari should be. For the sauce, the creamy garlic mayo was mixed with bagoong for a flavorful kick.

Longanisa All-Day Breakfast (P290) – this all-day breakfast longanisa meal just hit the right spot. No need for any other condiments here at this sausage alone is very tasty already. This is served with two sunny side up eggs, garlic rice, buttered veggies, and a glass of iced tea.

Sweet Basi Adobo Glazed Chicken (P340) – sous vide quarter leg glazed in special adobo sauce with basi, a filipino fermented alcoholic drink made out of sugarcane, giving the chicken the alcoholic twist to up the bold glaze. The glazed chicken is plated together with a cup of garlic rice, buttered veggies, and mango slices.

GxG Pasta (P250) – three of the most popular Filipino foods all in one pasta dish – salted egg, smoked fish, and spaghetti. While we are used to having salted egg and smoked fish with our fried rice, mixing it in spaghetti isn’t a bad idea. This one matches the flavor profile of a Filipino dish.

Truffle Pasta (P290) – creamy truffle sauce on spaghetti pasta, served with two slices of bread. We were looking for a more bolder taste of the truffle but nonetheless still enjoyed it. We got to enjoy the bacon strips as well, not bacon bits, but strips, which is a good plus for us.

GxG Pizza (P260) – if you’re willing enough to step out of the comfort zone and order a pizza flavor other than those pepperoni and cheese, this GxG is for you. This pizza arrived with vinegar which made us think that it might be for the longanisa, but no, it really is for this one! The pizza is topped with dilis, thinly sliced eggplants, red onions, tomatoes, bagoong, and ripe mango, all sealed in by Mozzarella, cheddar, and Gruyere cheese. Ready to dip it into the vinegar sauce? We are!

Durian Espresso Ice Cream (P150) – quite hesistant at having this, we’re convinced from comments that it doesn’t tasste like durian but more of a coffee flavor. This creamy coffee ice cream has a minimal twist of durian sans the popular odoriferous smell. The scoop is drizzled with chocolate sauce served with a generous amount of crushed grahams and polvoron.

GxG also has quite a selection of drinks. We’ve tried their Chocolate Frappe (P140), Dark Hazelnut Frappe (P160), and Cafe Mocha (P140) . We’ve also tried their Lemonade and Iced. We must say, the Cafe Mocha stood out, and their Iced Tea is a must-order too!

At this point, you may be already wondering if there’s a specific worth of orders needed in order to play their board games. Yes, there is! Only a minimum of one order per person or P250 consumable is required. Imagine only paying around of P500 for two – food, drinks, and fun included!

Value for money: Worth it!

#DateForTwo at Grid X Griddle Gastrolounge and Gaming

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Grid X Griddle: Board Games and Good Grubs

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