Goto Believe – ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

Goto in the city!

? Goto Belive – ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

? 640 San Rafael Street, Mandaluyong City

? Date for Two: Goto Heaven, Isaw ng Manok, Tokwa 2.0

? Total: P208


What a time to be alive! For those living in the city now, we know you miss the goto (rice porridge) in your town. We feel you! Thankfully, Goto Believe is here. With it’s catchy from the movie/song, Got to Believe, this humble goto place is a go-to breakfast (and late night) place for a quick chow.

We first saw Goto Believe with their over-the-top presentation of the very simple crowd-favorite goto through instagram. Now, we’re here! And this mural was the first to catch our eyes. So cute! And yes, this ‘OMG’ goto exists, with ALL of those toppings drawn. Yay!

At first glance of the menu, we know that some people may raise they eyebrows for it. Some may say, ‘P60 for a goto? It was just P15 in our province!’ Haha! Our sentiment as well. Lol. But hey, we’re in the city guys! Location is the key. Hehe. Plus, cleanliness is guaranteed.

How can you not pay P60 per bowl. Look at these eye candies! Who would have thought that goto can look. this. good. Lol.

Goto Heaven (P60) – so this is rice porridge with beef fat and pork intestines topped with onion chives. The serving is very generous so this may be too much for just a snack. In our case, this is already our dinner so we bought two bowls.

Isaw ng Manok (P38) – three sticks of grilled chicken intestine. We split this as a topping for our bowls, so two sticks and one on the other. This one tasted the same with the regular isaw we can find on the streets, but cleaner. There’s an option for fried instead of grilled as well.

Tokwa 2.0 (P50) – This small plate of Japanese tofu seemed expensive for us, if they added more then may be it’s worth it. The sauce was too sweet for our liking instead of the sour and salty blend we were hoping.

Value for money: For it’s location, cleanliness, and presentation, it’s worth it! Still a good place for some goto craving.

#DateForTwo at Goto Believe

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Goto Believe – ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

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