The Good Tapa: Really Is A Good One!

Finally, a Tapa joint well deserving of its name.

?The Good Tapa – ❤️❤️❤️❤️
?The Yard Underground, Pasig City

?Date for Two: Good Tapa, Garlic Salpicao

?Total: P300

Overall: We’ve been a fan of tapa since we were situated in the province way way back our childhood days. The best tapsilogs are the simplest ones at a local carinderia, mostly the ones in the remote areas. Now that we’re residing in the metro, it’s a struggle to find something pure, something good. Good thing The Good Tapa came into the picture.

They’ve started as humble tapa delivery/bazaar participant and now, they have two stalls to date. They have ventured joining two of the most popular food parks – The Yard Underground and Container Turf. The Yard is very near our place, walking distance, actually, so we’re glad and excited to visit.

Their stall is easy to spot as it’s located just at the ground floor, just the third one upon entry.

We love their nautical look! Most of the stalls here actually have a lot of catchy signages and neons but this stall stands out because of its simplicity.

At first glance, their menu looks simple as well, and with limited choices – but on a closer look, they have this option to customize, makes it an endless possibilities of custom combinations! Yey to this! They also have three options on how big your bowl should be – Regular, Hungry and Starving. And four options on what sauce your meat be cooked with. You can have your egg cooked any way you want it. On this stall, everything’s under your control 🙂

They have this mood board right inside their cubicle which pretty elaborates their business as a whole. We’ve asked their server on what’s the best sellers – it’s The Original Good Tapa and Garlic Salpicao. Of course, as this is our first time, we got those two. We didn’t have any particular request for the egg so we let them decide the way to cook it.

And here they are. We’re seated just right in front of the stall so we picked up our orders right after we heard they’re ready. We ordered the Hungry size. It’s already dinner time so we thought of having the size in between the two others. And my oh my, we were stuffed so fast! Lol. It was heavy for us, but just enough if you really are hungry.


The Original Good Tapa, Hungry (P150) – is the purest taste of all beef tapas we’ve tasted. It’s surprisingly tasty enough, not overly tasty, but just enough. We were actually discussing among ourselves that the marination process should be good. And we were surprised that no marination is involved on this. Wow. And until now, we’re still wondering how. Lol.

Garlic Salpicao, Hungry (P150) – is tastier than the original recipe, as expected from a salpicao. For those who would want more flavor, this option is better though both of them are good, well-deserving of their brand’s name.

Some more photos of The Yard Underground:

And oh, they are offering you guys a P50 off if you buy two Hungry bowls – so pay only P250 for two bowls! It’s a steal! Rush to The Yard Underground now 🙂

If you would want to have your date by your own dining tables, The Good Tapa sells frozen meats for your own perusal. Price starts at P200 for 1/4 kilo.

Value for money: Worth it!

#DateForTwo at The Good Tapa

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The Good Tapa: Really Is A Good One!

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