Game Of Thrones Events: SKY’s Treat to GOT Geeks

We’ve all waited two years for this. Is the wait worth it? Oh definitely! SKY Cable blessed our GOT hearts with two events that surely pumped every inch of body. We are self-confessed GOT geeks and attending these is an experience of a lifetime.


As SKY subscribers, we were glad we have registered to watch this GOT-inspired Ice Skating exhibition. As we enter the SM Megamall Skating premises, we were asked to write our names on a sticker and place our bets on who do we think will win the Iron Throne. Any guesses? Okay clue, you know nothing.

4G Guitar Quartet performed a handful of pieces before and during the event proper. It was indeed a spectacle as Joel Minas and Sofia Guidote showed off their talent through Ice Skating depicting a very short narrative between two characters in GOT, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, respectively. The exhibition started with solo performances and then onto a duo, bringing in Fire and Ice, together. What a delight! Afterwards, guests had the chance to take a photo with the performers and other cosplayers.


What a time to be alive! This is THE watch party of the year! Johnnie Walker House was its peak energy that morning! And yes, we didn’t mind waking up early for this. Imagine, all those GOT fans in the world will be watching the very same. The place was well-decorated Westerosi-style! And oh, can you spot the limited edition Johnnie Walker White Walker?

The 4G Guitar Quartet set the mood and heightened our blood pressures through their chilling rendition of different GOT soundtracks. Of course, the most anticipated piece was GOT’s opening credits music.

Screams of excited viewers filled the entire room as the opening credits started to roll in. Then, a moment of silence, few twitches, more screams, some wtf reactions, and a lot of faces in awe as they enjoy an hour of Episode 1, Season 8. Wow. Just Wow.

At the end of the show, we got the chance for a photo op with the Night King and Daenerys Targaryen! Yay!

What a treat from SKY! This is definitely one for the books! Few more episodes left and like us, if you wanna watch it on the go, we have subscribed to HBO Go through our existing SKY Cable and Internet subscription. HBO Go let us make our own mini watch parties every Monday. It’s not too late yet! Subscribe now!

Game Of Thrones Events: SKY’s Treat to GOT Geeks

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