Galileo Enoteca: Romantic Date Night Over Unlimited Cheese

Unli cheese and charcuterie, you guys!

? Galileo Enoteca Deli – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

? Calbayog Street, Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City

? Date for Two: Cheese Buffet, Penne con Funghi Porcini & Tartufo Bianco, Casa Bella Lambrusco Dolce Rosso

? Total: P2500


Discovered a hidden gem within our neighborhood, a humble Italian restaurant magnificently situated in a quiet street of Mandaluyong. Despite the location, Galileo Enoteca Deli has earned a good reputation for romantic date nights, successful engagement proposals hosting, and providing a taste of Italy in our country. At night, this signage glows minimally. What’s inside was quite unexpected.

Bricks and this wood door welcomed us to this rustic Italian restaurant. Entering through this door was a delight, a ecstatic feeling of high expectations and desire for a nice Italian dinner.

Every step inside the restaurant was a play to our senses, an urge of looking through every corner of this place, a definite catch of attention from those delectable cheese wheels and cold cuts, and an appetite for all the wines and ingredients displayed all over the walls. Galileo Enoteca also sells ingredients such as pasta, sauces, oils, etc., all must-haves for your next homemade Italian dish.

Wine has been the majority of their decors as Enoteca, in Italian, means library of wines. A gallery of different wines came together in this place, ranging from simple to high quality wines, perfect for complimenting the dishes this restaurant has to offer.

As a starter, we got a huge basket of sliced bread while we’re waiting for our pasta. It was served warm and fresh, with olive oil balsamic dip and pate on the side.

Cheese Buffet (P650 per person) – we scheduled our date on a Wednesday just in time for Galileo Enoteca’s famous Cheese Buffets every Wednesday. Imagine, all the cheese you can eat!

Notable cheese variants we’ve tried were Brie, Mortadella, Fontina, Edam, Truffle, Provolone, Manchego, Smoked and Grana Padano Cheese, These creamy delights were joined by lots of fruits, charcuterie, pretzels, crackers, breads, nuts, and even desserts. We’ve enjoyed every visit to the cheese buffet table, every combination we’ve made was wonderful, waking up the cheese lovers in us. This, at that night, was heaven. We couldn’t ask for more.

Penne con Funghi Porcini & Tartufo Bianco (P400) – what better pasta can offer us, mushroom and truffle lovers, this sumptuous creation than Galileo Enoteca can. This dish lasted long on our table along with our cheese picks. The serving was generous and the taste was superb. It was perfect with bread due to its bold flavor.

Casa Bella Lambrusco Dolce Rosso (P800) – a very light drink to compliment our heavy dinner. Casa Bella Lambrusco is a sparkling wine with 8% ABV. The taste was fruity, with no hint of bitterness. We love it! One bottle was just enough for the entire night.

All foods we got in one photo. We weren’t be able to finish the pasta as we’re so full already after many rounds of the cheese buffet. We’ve almost tried everything in the buffet and went back several times for our favorites. We ended our meal with chocolate sticks and mallows, which were also included in the buffet.

Value for money: Worth it! We’ve experienced first hand why people would want to celebrate special occasions here. This is a place to bring people you love to experience the sensual journey, warmth and intimacy while having great Italian food.

#DateForTwo at Galileo Enoteca

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Galileo Enoteca: Romantic Date Night Over Unlimited Cheese

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