Fix & Fogg: Award-Winning Butters from New Zealand

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? Date for Two: Super Crunchy and Dark Chocolate

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Peanut Butter has been part of the Filipino household for so long now. It has become part of our daily breakfast or snack, and even lunch or dinner through some Filipino dishes like Kare-Kare. And recently, health buffs have been topping everything healthy – as in everything from fruits to vegetables to oats.

We have to be honest though, we Filipinos were accustomed to overly-sweet peanut butters and spreads. But as the people evolves to supporting a healthier and sustainable lifestyle, many are reconsidering other options. One can be added to the list of best butters, and that is Fix and Fogg’s.

A hole-in-the-wall at Wellington, New Zealand, Fix and Fogg has been churning the finest butters for almost five years now. These are not just your ordinary jars, but are made hands-on with utmost care about quality. The owners also give back to the community and promotes reduction of food waste  through recycling. Check out their website to know more about this. The brand currently has a handful of mainstay flavors and a few limited edition ones. We’ve tried two of them – the Super Crunchy and Dark Chocolate.

Super Crunchy (P380) – GMO-free, no added sugar, no additives, just the finest quality Argentinian hi-oleic peanuts with a sprinkle of Marlborough sea salt. Expect the best here guys, this one’s perfect for all health-conscious yet peanut butter lovers out there. The crunch part was spot on while maintaining the creamy consistency. Believe them when they label it as Super Crunchy – it really is Super!

Dark Chocolate (P430) – this is basically a combination of Super Crunchy and 62% cocoa. Yep, you read that right, 62%! It’s a lot actually. We love this one better as it gives more character to our toast, not to mention our love for anything chocolate. We’ve tried both butters raw with just bread but we think it would be better if we had this blended together over a smoothie.

Fix & Fogg Peanut Butters are available at All Day Supermarkets and at Earth Origins Marketplace, or have it delivered straight to your doorstep via

Value for money: Worth it!

And, to celebrate Date For Two’s anniversary, we’re giving away two jars (one of each flavor we had) to one lucky winner at Instagram. To qualify, just like Date For Two’s Instagram and Facebook pages, and Fix & Fogg’s Instagram account. And to earn an entry, just comment on our post at Instagram and tag someone you’d want to share this jar with. That’s it! 1 comment is equivalent to one entry, no max entries per account so tag away! Deadline of entries is on Friday, August 17. Raffle will be done the following day.

#DateForTwo with Fix & Fogg

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Fix & Fogg: Award-Winning Butters from New Zealand

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