Fantaste: Fantastic Rice Balls and Clay Pot Rice

Fast food industry got something new for us.

? Fantaste?

? Rufino Street, Makati City


Exploring Salcedo Village has never been this fulfilling. We found this well-lighted Chinese fast food along Rufino street.

At first look on their menu, we got a bit confused what to order. Almost everything looks so unique, not found in usual Chinese restaurants we’ve been to. Fantaste offers authentic Hunan and Guangdong specialties. They have focused on providing the best single clay pot rice in the Philippines. They also aim to make fast food not only for quickly stuffing our tummies but to give nutrition as well.

What we had:

Thin Meat Porridge with Preserved Eggs (P120) – the consistency was fine for our liking, not too thick and not too watery, serving was very generous.

Cantonese Steamed Vermicelli Roll (P120) – one of the best vermicelli rolls we’ve had. It was really tasty and smooth. Plus, it was a plateful! Still can’t get over how this was just over a hundred pesos.

Dry-Fried Noodle with Beef (P180) – okay so this was familiar and we can say that this was the same taste as the other ones we’ve had in other restos. Not bad though, and this one’s cheaper and have more serving.

Glutinous Rice Balls (P140) –these balls were a good addition to our list of favorites. This was our first time to try something like this and it didn’t disappoint. The sticky feel of rice plus the tasty meat inside made each bite worthwhile.

Tea Tree Mushroom Claypot Chicken Soup (P150) – we’re a bit disappointed on how small their soup bowl was, or maybe it was just because we’ve expected that everything had a generous serving. Still, we found the soup oily and lacking of taste.

Chicken Drumsticks Pot Rice (P280) – one huge drumstick and thigh part of chicken over a plain rice. The rice was cooked directly inside the bowl and not the usual rice cooker-cooked. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the tender and sweet soy chicken meat, and the salted egg on the side as well.

Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams Pot Rice (P300) – lots of ham over rice. We’re delighted how thick cuts of pork were cooked very well even if it were just steamed. The result was tender and flavorful slices. We love it! This came with salted egg as well but in rare cases you just want a regular one, you may politely ask the servers.

Value for money: All, well maybe except for the soup, were very affordable. So, worth the visit!

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Fantaste: Fantastic Rice Balls and Clay Pot Rice

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