Dick’s Waffles – ❤️❤️❤️??

Are you brave enough for this?

? Dick’s Waffles – ??

? The Food Hive, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

? Date for Two: Nutella Smores, Oreo Caramel Fudge

? Total: P138


Still standing strong in the food park community, The Food Hive’s still winning the hearts of the north peeps by their over-the-top offerings established by local chefs aiming to make a mark. Located at the busy street of Visayas Avenue, drop by anytime if you’ve been wanting to try out different cuisines all under one roof.

The place can be found easily as it was well-lighted and packed with lots or cars in their  spacious parking lot. The park is relatively small but was designed to maximize every space without looking too crowded.

Dick’s Waffles is one of the few stalls that caught our attention first. Well, who wouldn’t? Quirky as it may seem, they offer cream-filled waffles shaped like a, ehem, you know. These waffles came with a variety of sauces, perfect for everyone.

We got two of their best-sellers:

Nutella Smores (P69) – yup, even the price was obscene, if you get it. Haha! Going back, we got a good serving our waffle dripping in chocolate syrup, with marshmallows dusted with chocolate powder on the side. The waffle was cooked just fine and the chocolate sauce was just enough. We would have loved this better if they have torched the mallows.

Oreo Caramel Fudge (P69) – they made it rough! Lol. We actually liked this one better as this has more flavor, thanks to the blend of chocolate and caramel. They pasted a generous amount of mildly crushed oreos on the waffle itself, almost covering one side.

This is, so far, the most awkward dessert we’ve ever had. We are, after all, still in a conservative country. Haha! So when having this, expect long stares and giggles from those sitting near you. It’s official, our dear friends, we’ll be able to hashtag #foodporn. *wink*

Value for money: The experience and goodness for just less than a hundred and fifty pesos? It’s worth it. There’s still a room for improvement but overall, it’s fine and will order again on our next visit at The Food Hive. 

Read The Food Hive’s full review here: The Food Hive: A Must-Try Food Park for Foodies

#DateForTwo at Dick’s Waffles

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Dick’s Waffles – ❤️❤️❤️??

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