Chateaubriand: Premium Meats Cooked Brazilian Style and More!

Lots of premium meats to arrive at your table!

? Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant – ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

? Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

? Date for Two: Unlimited Churrasco

? Total: P4000


The buffet concepts are taking over our country by storm. We actually have a lot to choose from – Korean, Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese to name few common cuisines. Most of us Filipinos are still newbies when it comes to Brazilian cuisine. Thankfully, Chateaubriand came into picture.

Chateaubriand is an upscale Churrascaria of Brazilian BBQ and Buffet. Located at Roxas Boulevard, the fine dining restaurant is not difficult to find. It is highly visible from the streets thanks to the huge lawn and the rustic feels of the establishment.

The outside of the restaurant is a coffee and bar area, as well as a small stage for performances. The walkway all the way to the lobby is very sophisticated but the warm welcome of the staffs made our entrance less intimidating.

It boasts a large dining area, with hardwood as its main decor and wine cellars on the side, with elegant fine dining decors all over.

We started off our dinner from their appetizer island. The appetizer course was set up as a eat-all-you-can buffet. Stations include foods like salad, nachos, cheese, cold cuts, sushi, sashimi, tempura, and many more. We could already make an extravagant dinner out of these stations. But no, these were just appetizers, the main course is a completely different universe.

We’re all set for the main course! We’ve tried all these delectable cuts of meats cooked in the most authentic Brazilian style.

List of meats we’ve tried:

  • Chuleta – rib-eye steak with a mesquite crust
  • Fraldinha – choice flank steak with marinated with Brazilian spices
  • Lombo – porkloin with a delectable herb marinade
  • Carnova – boneless lamb leg with a minted oil rub
  • Pescado – grilled tuna
  • Picanha – signature Brazilian rump cap
  • Alcatra – top sirloin with a rich soy glaze
  • Presunto – tender ham leg with a pineapple glaze
  • Abacaxi – juicy pineapple with cinnamon and brown sugar

We’ve enjoyed almost everything on the list but we’ve loved the Alcatra very much, craving for it for days now! Yay!

Per person per table, they have this coin that has a green and red side. The green one, or the ‘Yes, Please’ side was to let the servers know that we are ready for the grilled meats now. The Churrasco servers do this rounds, also called as the Skewers Run, where they roam around the restaurant and serve the main course on a table-side carving. On times we need a break and had enough, we turned the coin to the red side, or the ‘No, Thank you’ side.

We were also provided a thong to assist each Churrasco server upon slicing the meat. We had all the liberty which part to slice, the middle part was usually on medium rare doneness while the outside was medium well to well done.

It was the heaviest dinner we’ve ever had so far. Pacing is everything. And make sure to spare some space for desserts. The place was perfect for us heavy meat eaters.

Value for money: It was pricey, yes, but you’ll get your money’s worth. Expect a top-notch service while eating your hearts out.

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Chateaubriand: Premium Meats Cooked Brazilian Style and More!

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