Ponce: Exquisite Valentine’s Day Degustation

Located at a relatively quiet street in Tomas Morato area, Ponce is an oasis for fine foods and drinks. This creative and chic lounge serves Filipino-Spanish delights. And this coming Valentine’s Day, Ponce carefully planned an 8-course meal showcasing Chef Santi’s innovative take on modern cooking. Quality is always the top priority for this dinner […]

Kusina Sea Kitchens: Filipino Cultural Expressionism In Food And In Action

Hotel buffets always raise our expectations for unlimited food, and Kusina Sea Kitchen definitely reached that. Quality over quantity might be the best way to describe it as at first look, we got to see every station in one place, though those stations were all that we need. It’s a great day for lunch here […]

Madison Lounge & Bar: Choco Berry Afternoon Tea Buffet

Located at the lobby of Hilton Manila, Madison Lounge & Bar is the perfect abode for relaxation and intricately-curated afternoon tea. This season, they’re treating us to a buffet like no other. If you’re used to having your afternoon tea on three tiers, then it’s time to reinvigorate as Madison Lounge & Bar amplified their […]

390 Degrees: Everything At Heat To Perfection

390 Degrees is definitely living up to their tagline ‘Heat To Perfection’ as they are using a temperature-regulated charcoal-operated oven. All foods in the menu are, one way or another, cooked in the same oven, making all of their foods smoked and flavored exquisitely. Expect only the warmest love for good food as Ombu Kusina’s […]

Kusina Moderne: 4-Course French-Style Filipino Date Night

If you and your date isn’t the type who go to fancy schmancy restaurant, then Kusina Moderne is just the right one for you. The humble industrial look will surprise you with their curated french-modern take on Filipino comfort foods. They’ll even throw in a bouquet of flowers for your date. Talk about extra comfort […]

The Odd Seoul: Valentine’s Day Exclusive Cocktails

Still deciding where to go after that sought-after dinner on Valentine’s Day? Let us help you with that as The Odd Seoul can make your special day even more extraordinary. Good drinks, check. Great music, check. Yummiest bar chows, check. Darts, check. Yup, you read that right as The Odd Seoul houses two electronic dart […]

Gaja Korean Kitchen: Expanding Your Love For Korean Food

We have been passing by Gaja for quite some time now as our favorite bar, The Odd Seoul, is secretly found inside it. When we finally tried their food, we couldn’t look at Korean food the same way again. Our recommended set of dishes to order: Jjajangmyeon, Osam, and Galbi-Jjim. They also be having a […]

Izakaya Sensu: All Your Japanese Favorites In One Set

If you and your beau are up for some good Japanese food, then head to BGC after work and enjoy a 5-course dinner set for two at this minimalist and homey Izakaya. Expect nothing but fine food, generous serving, and great service, as consistently expected from all the Raintree Restaurants. This season of love, they’ve […]

Golden Treasures: Intricate Dim Sum and More

? Golden Treasures – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ? My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Pasay City What seems like a little hole in the wall at S’ Maison opens up a culinary feast that took us to different parts of the world. This one is a food hall at its finest, the My […]

My South Hall By Chef Josh Boutwood: S’ Maison’s Upscale Food Hall

So many food choices! ? My South Hall By Chef Josh Boutwood ? S Maison, Conrad Manila, Pasay City Overall: What seems like a little hole in the wall at S’ Maison opens up a culinary feast that took us to different parts of the world. This one is a food hall at its finest, […]

Lugaw Manila – ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

? Lugaw Manila – ❤️❤️❤️❤️? ? Guerrero Street, Poblacion, Makati City ? Date for Two: Goto Fiesta, Classic Lugaw ? Total: P190 Overall: Who goes home right away after a good night drinking session? None! And Lugaw Manila is right there when we needed it the most. Having a good bowl of Lugaw is all we ever […]

Bechwen’s Cafe & Restaurant: Tondo’s Hidden Gem

Quality pastas, burgers and more at an affordable price! ? Bechwen’s Cafe & Restaurant – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ? 514 V. Del Fierro Street, Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila Overall: Never in our wildest imagination that Tondo can be this hip and fresh. Thanks to Bechwen’s Cafe and Restaurant, the infamous city now has their pride, and its through our stomachs. […]

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