Camp Curry: Camping-Themed Resto in Ayala Triangle

Outdoor feels in an indoor set-up.

?Camp Curry

?Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City

A fresh face at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Camp Curry opened its first branch here in the Philippines straight from Japan. This one replaced the famous Simple Lang.

Facing the lush greenery Ayala Triangle has in store for the working class, Camp Curry uplifted the outdoor scenery with its camping-themed restaurant.

Complete camping gears, fresh produce and festive colors surrounded the entire place with wood as its dominating decor.

They have this open kitchen in the middle of the resto, with its main objective to make us drool and hope for the food to be done in no time. Lol. With the set up, expect to smell like BBQ after.

We got some room ideas over here – the wood scraps were perfect texture for walls! Yay! Love those camping posters as well. Cool right? All these made better by the foods they serve. Unlike any other curry, they pair the curry sauce with grilled meats instead of the normal fried ones we have in the market. They currently offer three variants for the curry sauce.

Brown Keema Curry Series – Our most recommended flavor! It’s Camp Curry’s original curry base mixed generously with minced chicken. This one alone was filling enough. It has the boldest flavor among the three.

Green Vegeful Curry Series – The lightest flavor we’ve tasted. This is Thai curry with wasabi. Though we cannot distinctly taste the wasabi, this one offered a mellow curry flavor that would compliment the tasty meat to pair.

Red Bisque Curry Series – Specifically curated for the Manila taste, Camp Curry came up with this unique bisque composed of tomatoes, shrimp and special curry base. Perfect to those who cannot handle the bold taste of the legit curry yet would want to experience something other than the usual.

These sauces were perfectly paired with any meat of choice. The ones we’ve tried were the below:

BBQ Beef and Chunky Vegetables (P390) – A huge chunk of beef on top of a sea of huge veggies. Seriously guys, they did not skimp on the meat and the veggies. This can actually be shared by two persons already. But since we’re hungry creatures, we needed one for each. Lol.

BBQ Pork Belly and Chunky Vegetables (P330) – A thin but long slab of pork belly over the veggies as well. This meat was one of the tastiest we’ve had, along with the beef. It’s very soft, no need to use the knife to slice. The meat was already wiggling alive for us to eat the soonest. Haha.

Other things we loved upon our visit were these super cute spoon and fork. Pitchfork and shovel for the win! They’re so adorable!

Spicy Nachos (P250) – Nacho chips with beef, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, cheese, mayo and spicy sauce. The meat and veggies on top overpowered the number of nacho chips. So we just hoped they served more chips to balance the ratio. Nonetheless, the serving was just right for us as we still have other foods to devour. But for ordering just this, it’s just for one person.

Lassi (P130 each) – It’s our first time to drink Lassi, a yogurt-flavored drink. It’s mild in consistency, not too dense like the usual yogurt. We’re actually amazed on how this drink cleansed our palate and really took away all the flavors of grill and curry in our mouths. It’s so refreshing and helpful at the same time. No need to worry with your breath smelling like curry after. Hihi.

Camp’s French Toast (P190) – Two huge French breads infused with milk, then toasted and topped with powdered cinnamon and vanilla ice cream. This one’s our personal favorite for the sweets.

Camp’s S’more Special (P180) – The usual graham crackers at the bottom of the skillet, topped with burting marshmallows, candy sprinkles, and a scoop of matcha ice cream! Yep, matcha! Yay!

Value for money: Worth it! After this visit, we actually came back for a few times already, and consistently recommend this to our colleagues, since it’s just across our office. It was worth recommending for. 🙂

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Camp Curry: Camping-Themed Resto in Ayala Triangle

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