Bechwen’s Cafe & Restaurant: Tondo’s Hidden Gem

Quality pastas, burgers and more at an affordable price!

? Bechwen’s Cafe & Restaurant – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

? 514 V. Del Fierro Street, Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila


Never in our wildest imagination that Tondo can be this hip and fresh. Thanks to Bechwen’s Cafe and Restaurant, the infamous city now has their pride, and its through our stomachs. Why Bechwen’s, you may ask? It’s a twisted way of saying Best Friends by a young relative who’s still learning how to speak. Thus, Bechwen’s! Get it? 🙂 Also, literally, the cafe is owned by the best of friends. Friendship goals? Bechwen’s is!

Look at that spread! They serve almost every comfort a Filipino craves. Burgers, check! Rice bowls, check! Pastas, check! Wings, check! It’s no doubt this little hole in the wall is always packed with lots of hungry loyal customers. Let’s us take you to all of their bestsellers for a guide on your visit.

Bechwen’s Poutine (P80) – fries drowned in melted cheese and gravy, topped with bacon bits. We all know bacon does good in everything but on this dish, the cheese and gravy won. It’s a surprising combination!

Nachos (P120) – a basket-full of nacho chips with meat and veggies, also drowned in melted cheese and gravy, and topped with more cheese that we almost can’t see what’s underneath. This is how Nachos should be! Also, we kept on asking how is this priced for P120 only? It’s definitely worth more than that!

Wings (P100, 6 pieces) – we’ve tried their Original BBQ and Salted Egg flavored wings. Other flavors available: Black Pepper, Sesame Dressing, Spicy Buffalo, Honey Patis, Beer Sauce. Not going with the trend of unlimited wings in the area, Bechwen’s want to keep it simple by just serving quality wings, still at an affordable price.

Island Burger (P120) – quarter pound burger patty on a fresh lettuce, enveloped with their signature homemade cheese sauce, topped with a huge pineapple slice, with tomato and mango salsa, and pickled onion on the very top. We may have seen quarter pounders priced around 200-400 pesos. But here, all their burgers are just around P100! They’re super sulit!

Gravy Dipped Burger (P120) – another quarter pounder but this time, with gravy on the side. This one has generous frizzled onion and bacon toppings. Yet again, same with the poutine, even this one has bacon in it, cheese and gravy wins!

Chicken and Cheese Burger (P80) – a healthier option for a conscious burger eater, this quarter pound chicken is definitely on point. The burger is simply assembled with tomato and coleslaw, with sesame dressing and cheese sauce on top.

Bacon Cheeseburger (P100) – the last quarter pounder we’ve tried and we must say, our favorite! At the end of the day, it’s still the classic that captivates our hearts. Bacon and Cheeseburger, plain and simple yet very flavorful!

Creamy Bacon Mushroom Pasta (P80) – we are quite meticulous with our carbonara. We think our version, with all the bias in the world, above all else, is still the best. Haha! This one hits our recipe almost as close. Forget expensive white sauce pastas, this one’s better and with more serving for just 80 pesos.

Meatballs Pasta (P85) – this is another winner. Can you imagine paying only less than a hundred and you get a bowl full of pasta with three meatballs? We can’t believe what our eyes see too! This pasta is just enough sweetness to captivate the Filipino palate yet not veering away from its Italian tomato-ey taste.

Butadon (P85) – been craving for this dish for days now, this 48-hour roasted pork is definitely worth the attention. It’s tasty and tender, and with a sweet and soy donburi sauce finish over a bowl steaming hot rice. Topped with a generous share of frizzled onions, what more can you ask for with this?

Pork Sinigang in Gravy (P80) – deconstructed sinigang with a twist by having gravy in it. At first bite, we felt confused if it’s really tastes like one. After some few seconds and the gravy sets in, it’s a party in the mouth and surely, that sinigang craving will definitely be satisfied.

Pork Binangoongan (P100) – still off the menu as of the moment, we got a sneak peak of Bechwen’s Pork Binagoongan. Hefty slices of pork belly, served with mango and tomato salsa on the side, with a good proportion of egg floss for additional munching. And oh, we almost forgot to mention how tasty the fried rice underneath it is!

Spicy Chicken (P120) – another off-the-menu rice bowl dish, it is a medley of deep fried spiced chicken slathered with their homemade cheese sauce over a bed of coleslaw and very tasty fried rice.

Adobo Flakes (P100) – we also got the privilege on having first dibs on Bechwen’s Adobo Flakes. A plain assembly of fried rice, tomatoes, fried egg and adobo flakes, this dish is surely a hit for all-day breakfast lovers.

Italian Soda (P75, Extra Large) – these eye candies tastes colorful are they are how they look. It’s our first time to try Italian Sodas and they definitely didn’t disappoint. Flavors (L-R): Lychee, Green Apple, Passionfruit, Strawberry.

Fruit Tea (P75, Extra Large) – refreshing fruit teas comes with nata sinkers already. Available in all flavors for Italian Soda. Flavors above are Lychee, Green Apple and Passionfruit.

Cream Cheese Series (P100, Extra Large) – relatively cheaper and bigger than the usual MTs we have in the market, at P100, we already got an extra large milk tea with cream cheese. Flavors (L-R): Okinawa, Thai, Dark Chocolate. We personally love their Okinawa flavor!

Value for money: Everything here in this cafe is a steal. It’s worth more than how much they are priced.

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Bechwen’s Cafe & Restaurant: Tondo’s Hidden Gem

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