Alta by Relik: For The Alta of Manila

Filipino-Spanish cuisine favorites!

? Alta by Relik – ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

? Santolan Town Plaza, San Juan City


Located at the exquisite Rockwell’s Santolan Town Plaza, Alta by Relik was born from a relatively old restaurant from BGC – Relik. Alta, as the name implies, aims to provide anything above the ordinary. With Filipino foods as their main offering, Alta is here to warm our delicate hearts.

Seafood Chowder (P295) – this creamy soup is a comfort food at first taste. It’s a belly warming starter that indeed served its purpose as an appetizer. We sure are ready for more foods!

Relik’s Nachos (P350) – fresh and perfectly crunchy homemade tortilla chips. Plus points for not being too oily though we would’ve wanted it more if it has more meat than cheese. Well, there’s no complaining on the cheese, to be honest, but more meat should’ve been better,

Chilean Mussels Croquettes (P495) – these cheesy, dense, and flavorful croquettes definitely captivated us. The crispy exterior is a good finish to a soft and creamy inside, all worth the price tag.

Pulled Pork Quesadilla (P235) – we always wanted our quesadilla extra thick, which made this dish the least favorite for us. It’s good and simple but would’ve been made awesome with lots of cheese.

Watermelon and Kesong Puti Salad (P265) – colorful and fun, this salad tastes as good as it looks. This summer-looking medley of greens is simply a fresh and refreshing take on salad added with a very Filipino Kesong Puti.

Longganisa Flatbread with Salted Egg Cream (P375) – you’ll know how VERY excited and satisfied we are with the food when we didn’t take a decent photo of it. This flatbread is surprisingly what we we’ll definitely on our constants when in Alta.

Bagnet Sinigang (P395) – a sister of their best-seller Crispy Bagnet Kare-Kare, their Bagnet Sinigang is sure is another hit too.

Lamb and Beef Tendon Pares (P355) – those Pares purists will definitely raise their eyebrows on this and might say that their local corner street carinderia Pares is way better at a relatively low price. We say, this is worth the try.

Stuffed Chicken (P355) – stuffed chicken with string beans and baked potatoes on the side. This is the lightest one in all the dishes we’ve had, taste-wise and serving-wise.

Sizzling Bulalo Steak (P489) – a new spin on a well-loved Bulalo, a sizzling version is surely something us Filipinos wouldn’t say nada. Beef shank smothered with thick gravy topped with crispy garlic bits, with string beans and potatoes on the side.

Seafood Paella (P995) – it’s a relief that we’ve broken into the belief that this dish is only served on special occasions only. With Filipino restaurants offering this all-year long, any of us can enjoy this on demand. Generous serving of mussels, squid, and shrimps make up this rice delicacy. The taste is good enough for us. We’ve tasted better ones but this one is already sufficient to our liking.

Mango Tapioca Trifle (P215) – a handful of tiny tapioca pearls, drowned in cream, topped with mango chunks and crushed biscuits.

Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake (P195) – we have enjoyed the nostalgia brought back by this dessert. Milo has been a childhood favorite and we can remember pouring lots and lots of milo powder into our milo dinosaur drink. Who wouldn’t love a cheesecake version of it?

Value for money: Decent location and decent Filipino foods. Worth it!

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Alta by Relik: For The Alta of Manila

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